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Hi! I'm Srishti.

Wikimania schedule[edit | edit source]

Focus area I'm involved in at Wikimania 2019 main conference and Hackathon: Small_wiki_toolkits

Sessions & projects I'm involved in/attending:

Wednesday, August 14th[edit | edit source]

  • Newcomer orientation - 11:00-11:30 in Bergsmannen
  • Mentor matching session - 11:30–12:00 in Bergsmannen
  • Project matching session (open to all projects) - 12:00–12:30 in Bergsmannen
  • Wikimedia APIs workshop (beginner-level) - 15:00-16:30 in Kungstenen

Thursday, August 15th[edit | edit source]

Friday, August 16th[edit | edit source]

Saturday, August 17th[edit | edit source]

Sunday, August 18th[edit | edit source]

Contact me[edit | edit source]

Best ways to contact me during Wikimania & Hackathon:

  • You can find me in the Small Wiki Toolkits focus area at the Hackathon & in the Technology outreach & Innovation Space at Wikimania
  • Email: (I won't be checking emails during the event:))
  • Twitter: srish_aka_tux