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Sadik Shahadu
Sadik Shahadu
Yes, We can!

About me

My name is Sadik Shahadu from Ghana. I am currently serving as a regional ambassador for indigenous communities at Art + Feminism, a Mozilla Open Leaders X fellow, a digital activist and a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI). In addition, I am a researcher, Dagbani language translator and a certified Nonprofit Technology Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Also, I am a board member of UNESCO ‘Open Education for A Better World’.

Over the past few years, I have served as a Wikipedia community leader and a project lead for several Wikimedia projects such as edit-a-thons, workshops, campaigns, and photo walks. I am currently an advisory group member for the Language Digital Activism Toolkit at Rising Voices and a country coordinator for Wiki Loves Folklore.

As an indigenous ambassador, I work with indigenous communities to promote local language on Wikipedias and always happy to discuss how we can bridge the gender gap on Wikipedia and the digital divide across Africa.

My work

Sadik has been involved in several projects to support education in Ghana, including:

  • A project to build and distribute “Internet-in-a-box” devices that enable people in Ghana to use rich online resources like Wikipedia even when their access to the Internet and electricity is missing or limited.
  • A Mozilla open leaders fellow who works to provide no-cost websites for students and educators in Ghana to create and share open educational resources designed specifically for local teaching and learning needs.
  • A UNESCO ‘Open Education for a Better World’ OER developer
  • Mozilla festival ambassador and a MozFest wrangler for Mozilla festival.

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