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“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

- Steve Jobs

Tahsin Tasnim

General Member, Graphics Designer, NDEC Wikipedia Editorial and Research Team.

Branding Designer, Project Korikath.

Project in charge, Professionalism Enhancement Training (PET)

About me

I am a student from Bangladesh who is curious about learning new things. There are a number of subjects I like to read. I like Physics(especially Quantum Physics), Mathematics, Psychology, Computer Science, and Literature. I like to play games, watch movies, series or animes or drawing pictures in my leisure. My passion is coding and designing. I have been designing for almost four years now. However, I have started designing in public from 2022. So it hasn't been long since I started to designing for the English Club of my college. I want to be a software engineer and A.I. specialist in future. My dream company is Google. However, learning to code is not always helpful. It is really hard to keep learning. Yet I am trying to give it my best!

My work

I am mainly a designer till now. I am volunteering as a part-time designer in the English Club of my college, Notre Dame College, Dhaka. I am the project in charge of Professionalism Enhancement Training (PET). I am also the branding designer of Project Korikath. If you want to know about all of my work, just Click here.

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