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TAThis Tech Ambassador monitors changes that may affect Wikimedia Meta-Wiki.
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My Meta-Wiki sandbox

I started out as a registered Wikimedia user in March 29, 2005 when I created the Swedish Wikipedia page Nothobranchius (an East African genus of annual killifish). Nowadays most of my wiki-work contributes to Wikispecies where I'm an admininistrator, bureaucrat and interface admin,(verify) and to the Swedish language version of Wikivoyage where I'm an administrator and interface admin.(verify) I'm also an administrator(verify) of Wikimedia Sverige, the national Wikimedia chapter of Sweden that hosted Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm.

I'm registered at Phabricator,(user page) a development collaboration tool used for Wiki software development, and since a few years back I'm also custodian of the official @Wikispecies Twitter account.

In August 30, 2018 I created the Wikispecies page Danio tinwini which also constitutes as my 100,000th contribution to the Wikimedia community as a whole. In May 30, 2021 I made an edit to the Wikidata item Tropical Fish Hobbyist (Q1496261) regarding a German bimonthly magazine. That was my 100 000th edit to the Wikidata project. In May 2, 2023 I created the article Siri (programvara) [i.e. "Siri (software)"] on Swedish Wikipedia, which was my 300 000th edit to Wikimedia as a whole.

My global account information for all of Wikimedia can be found here, including edit statistics and confirmation of user-group rights.
My public PGP key:   19035D3D. (Feel free to use it when contacting my through email. Unencrypted e-mail is of course also fine, but not as secure.)
Committed identity: a6edd6d2fdbf82621f0cda4e5525c71f8da9b5dfd308242c3c63365e998c32c5406b75448380903265a5403edffd1a0435b61ac943f3c65870db9250f8b884a9
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Visited countries and autonomous regions, starting with my birth and then listed in the order I visited them:
Finland  Åland Islands  Sweden  Denmark  West Germany, Germany  East Germany  Kuwait  India