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User:Virginia Díez (WMES)

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This user is no longer active on this wiki.

This user no longer works for Wikimedia España as of 31 July 2022 and should not make edits with this user account.
Esta usuaria no trabaja más para Wikimedia España desde el 31 de julio de 2022 y no debería hacer ediciones con esta cuenta de usuaria.

Virginia Díez
virginia diez, communications director at wikimedia españa
Virginia Díez
Communications & Public Policy Manager, Wikimedia España

About me

I have a broad background in communications with experience both in the private and public sector as well as within non profit organisations. Before joining WMES, I've worked on strategic communications, project and community management, digital media or editorial content, amongst others.

I've always had a passion for knowledge and I’ve been participating in the movement for free culture for eight years now. Beyond work, I enjoy reading, learning and producing content about feminisms, audiovisual narratives, new media and digital culture.

I am very committed to the protection of the commons and I feel very privileged to serve a community of individuals that share that passion.

My work

I am currently Communications & Public Policy Manager in Wikimedia España. In this role, I develop a wide variety of tasks related to strategic corporate communications, community engagement and advocacy for free knowledge. This includes communications with the community, partners, policy makers and press on behalf of Wikimedia España.

My main mission is to raise awareness on the Wikimedia movement (including its related projects and communities) and to help stakeholders better understand how we work and why open knowledge is important. I also support volunteers with their communications activities. I truly believe collaboration is crucial to our storytelling strategy and I am very willing to find new ways of working together.

Contact me

  • E-mail: comunicacion(_AT_)wikimedia.es