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Yes, that's me. Another system, another page. This one is the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki page. My picture is over at http://de.wikipedia.org/, which is where I seem to do most of my work ....


I was born an American. I have lived in Germany for many, many years, and have taken on German citizenship after over half the American electoral public demonstrating that their intelligence is approximately that of a loaf of bread in the 2004 elections. Due to my mother having been a Canadian citizen, I also have Canadian citizenship.

Pet projects:

Research with/on Wikipedia

I am interested in collecting information about doing research with Wikipedia or even on Wikipedia, in all fields. I am also willing to help students formulate a research topic.

I submited a proposal for a Wikiversität to the BMBF. See my last proposal at WikiversitätSkizze2 before having to use the software provided by BMBF...

Where are the women?

All over we find lots of male sports persons, male politicians, male writers. Where are the women? Sure, they are missing from the "normal", printed encyclopedias. But this is the Wikipedia, so let's get it on and start writing about the other half of the sky!

It is kinda easy :-) For women my age, most are just giving all their time to their jobs, their husband and their kids. It is enough for 24 hours each day. Find a way to have them have more free time, they will come ...
Re: the teeshirts, thanks for your answer :-) Anthere

My other wiki

Since 2011 I have spent most of my time over at VroniPlag Wiki, documenting plagiarism in doctoral dissertations. A wiki is great for doing this kind of documentation. I try to keep enough edits on WP:DE in order to participate in elections, though :)

Frage zu Wikiversitätsskizze

Hallo WiseWoman,

ich bin selber FH-Prof und freue mich, dass jemand von einer FH die Leitung des Projekts Wikiversität innehat. Eine Frage: Es sind zwei Projektpartner vorgesehen, für Teilprojekt C sind jedoch noch keine Partner vorhanden.

Was ist Projekt C?

Viele Grüße --Philipendula 16:28, 28 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Na ja, es gibt mindestens 2 konkurrierende Projekte :-) Mal sehen, ob eine oder gar beide Geld bekommen!

In Skizze 2 haben wir dann die FH Potsdam (Informationswissenschaft, Prof. Büttner) als Partner gewinnen können. Wir waren gezwungen, die weitere Entlicklung in das System von DLR weiterzutreiben, der uns zum Wahnsinn trieb weil es eben nicht so schön wie ein Wiki war und schon gar nicht paralleles Arbeiten zuliess - so haben wir super schnell die Arbeit eines Vormittages gekillt..... Wir bleiben gespannt, es war eine Wahnsinnsarbeit! --WiseWoman 16:36, 29 Sep 2004 (UTC)


Damit ich Sachen wiederfinden kann:

  • [1] Wirtschaftsplan 2016