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If you want to learn about my bot, it's m::User:Xinbenlv_bot. I also built a counter-vandalism tool called WikiLoop Battlefield. Both are very early stage.

Please note, I am not yet very good at using my watchlist, please explicitly notify me if you want my attention.

Self Introduction

Hi everyone, thank you for coming to my page m::User:Xinbenlv(he/him). I am a software engineer, and currently live in California, US. My Wikipedia edit interests are Business, Finance, Bitcoin and History. Besides Wikipedia, I also actively contribute to Wikidata.org.

In my spare time, I like to read books on related topics similar to my Wikipedia interest. I also like to write code. In terms of software engineering, I am a full-stack. My favorite language is en:TypeScript, and I do write en:Python, en:Java, en:C/C++, and many other languages. I like to make website, desktop or mobile apps for myself and my friends to use. Sports-wise, I like singing, hiking, cherry-picking and running. I also like poker (mostly Texas Hold'em), Chinese chess, and board games. Oh, by the way, I am a big podcast fan. I listen to podcasts a lot. I enjoy hosting events and groups for social fun and collaborations.

I started editing Wikipedia actively since around Feb–Mar 2018. The first article I created was en:Wei Dai. Ever since then, I have been touching topics related to fields of en:Computer Science, en:Blockchain, recent events and en:History. I am yet to find my edit focuses.

I also believe contributing to Wikipedia comes in various forms. I did my first ad-hoc en:fundraising for Wikipedia/WMF in 2014. I organized my first Edit-a-thon in June 2018.

My Believe and Values

I hold a strong believe in community building. believe having a free market of communities, where people can feel free to form, join* and leave, is critical supplement to modern society. If everyone can join and free to leave a community, or form a new one, gives every community a sense of competitiveness and urgency to improve their community members (in particular, contributors') experience. By that, I believe it drives a community to become better, and make the world a better place.

*join sometimes need to have a barrier so as to ensure the quality of contributions.

I believe the best way to promote inclusion and diversity is to start from myself. In Wikipedia, for example, I do translations between en and zh, the two languages I can fluently speak. I also check facts for and from other wikis. I try to participate across wikis by relying on machine translations. I sometimes fact-check and fix other wikis in languages that I don't speak either. I believe going beyond my comfort zone is one of the keys to contributing to inclusion.

Thank you for taking some time reading about myself. Feel free to say hi on my talk page.



  • I am currently affiliated with Google. Per WP:COI I will avoid edit on related articles. As of April 2023, I am no longer associated with this entity.
  • I don't do paid for edit.
  • In Aug 2020, I was once blocked for 37min on EN Wikipedia, for using unapproved auto-script to send messages to relevant users regarding a tools developed for them, mostly active users or people expressed their interest in learning feedback, despite I restricted the rate limit. But it was **wrong** to use unapproved auto-script and I immediately ask for pardon and promise to avoid such mistake in the future.

"Contributor Community" Movement

I have several ideas about Contributor Community. I'd like to discuss the "Contributor Community" in the context of Wikipedians in the following a few weeks/months. You are welcomed to join the discussion.