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From Wikimania
This is me at a lightning talk about pywikibot at the Young Wikipedians meetup in 2017
I'm the third one from the right; picture from WikiGoesACCT, the conference I organized at the African College of Commerce and Technology in Kabale, Uganda

Hi, I'm Zenith4237 aka Fabian.
I'm active over at the German language Wikipedia and Commons. These are some things I've done in the past:

  • Editing German language Wikipedia
  • Uploading pictures to Commons
  • Some coding and bot work
  • Taking part in and organizing events (I organized WikiGoesACCT)

I attended Wikimania 2018 and will attend Wikimania 2019, both times I was very lucky to receive a scholarship by WMDE. Thanks!

Outside the Wikimedia projects I study medicine in Heidelberg, Germany (just finished my first year, yay!) and love socializing with people. Don't hesitate to come up to me and say hi, otherwise I will!