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WikiCite session for Wikimania 2021?[edit source]

@Fuzheado: @Lydia Pintscher:

@Wittylama: Lydia suggested I add your name to this. If you disagree, we can revise or cancel to your specs.

What's the status of proposals for sessions in Wikimania 2021 on how to improve the availability and use of WikiCite?

If I don't hear from you otherwise prior to 2021-06-18T12:00 UTC, I plan to name you three [Wittylama, Fuzheado, Lydia Pintscher?] as co-presenters in a proposal for a session for Wikimania 2021 roughly as outlined below. I apologize for the abrupt and audacious nature of this invitation to collaborate, but I think it's best to get a session proposal in before the official deadline. Any or all of you can say, "That's a bad idea" and move to assure that the proposal is amended or not approved.

Lydia replied by email: "I can join I think yes. User:Wittylama has been doing most of the WikiCite work at the WMF over the last year or two. So he might actually be a better partner for the session than me.
I replied that I would add all three of you as co-presenters, and we can sort it out after the deadline at 2021-06-18T23:59 UTC.

If I hear from you before then, we can decide what to do. If you want to call me anytime before then, my US phone number is 408-655-4567. Do NOT hesitate to call that number any time it's convenient for you as long as it's not 20:00 - 21:00 UTC; that's the only appointment I have 2021-06-18, and I can adjust my sleep and work time around your convenience otherwise.

Proposal title: Making it easier to cite sources using WikiCite

Session type: Workshop (45 minutes)

Abstract: (at most 750 characters) How can we make it easier to cite sources in different Wikimedia projects and language editions using WikiCite? References entered into Wikipedia can be cited in the English language Wikipedia and Wikiversity using "{{cite Q|" followed by the Wikidata QID. "{{Bibliographie|" works similarly in the French language Wikipedia. That's not true in Spanish or German nor in Wikiquote nor Wikimedia.org, to name only a few. Some of the problems are technical, e.g., translating "en.Wikipedia.org:Template:Cite Q" and the accompanying code into other languages and other Wikimedia projects. Others are political, e.g., administrators for the Spanish-language Wikipedia have said they won't want WikiCite. We need to understand their concerns.

(741 characters)

Additional Speaker: (email addresses) Lydia.Pintscher@wikimedia.de

NOTE: I can NOT find email addresses for Wittylama nor Fuzheado. I will try posting comments on their user pages in Wikipedia.

Topics: New Voices and Newcomers, Languages, Other: WikiCite

Choose your preferred time blocks in UTC for this session 16-20 UTC ***

NOTE: I can accommodate any other time you three prefer. This seems like a reasonable time for the US and Europe.

Learning outcomes: Explain three takeaways your audience and listeners will have after joining this session. (Please write at most 500 characters.) 1. WikiCite makes it easier to reuse references in different contexts in a way that is potentially more informative [e.g., which James Brown?] and more robust to link rot and other problems. 2. It's currently available for Wikipedia in many languages including English and French but not German nor Spanish nor for other Wikimedia Foundation projects like Wikiquote and Wikimedia.org. 3. WikiCite can be made more user friendly with a comment, e.g., {{cite Q|Q56452480}}<!-- Spencer Graves -->. (492 characters)

Level of expertise expected from participants: Newcomer (no previous experience at all)

... About Yourself Your name: Spencer Graves Your email: spencer.graves@prodsyse.com Your speaker biography: [up to 300 characters about you) PhD statistician and Wikimedian with over 19,000 edits in Wikimedia Foundation projects since 2010-03-27, mostly in Wikidata, Wikipedia, and Wikiversity in English, but also in Spanish, French, and German with a major interest in improving prospects for constructive resolution of major conflicts. (297 characters)

What do you think? Thanks, Spencer Graves, aka DavidMCEddy (talk) 23:15, 17 June 2021 (UTC)Reply

DavidMCEddy (talk) 13:35, 18 June 2021 (UTC)Reply
Proposal submitted. Click here to view. DavidMCEddy (talk) 13:44, 18 June 2021 (UTC)Reply