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SDG Note[edit source]

Thanks for sharing that story, its incredible- and inspiring to know that that is possible. Truly! I did not know this, for example. Now I have an example to study and learn from in Sweden. Are there any aspects of your education system that you think can be improved? Dagelf (talk) 14:10, 16 August 2019 (UTC)Reply

Hey, Dagelf. Not sure exactly what can be improved, but I think it's vital that Sweden makes sure to keep up the funding to make sure that education is kept inexpensive and widely available. I also think that the recent trend of privatization should be stopped and preferably reversed. I don't see much benefit in privatization except to increase ethnic, racial and social class segregation, and to put more money into the pockets of already resource-strong corporate interests.
Peter Isotalo (talk) 14:27, 16 August 2019 (UTC)Reply