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Dear xy,

Thank you for your submission to Wikimania, the first international Wikimedia conference (August 4-8, 2005). Your abstract will be considered by the programme committee, and we will give you feedback on this by xx date. Please note that the final deadline for the submission of full papers and posters is June 15, 2005.

We are hoping to find sponsors who will be able to cover travel and accommodation costs for our speakers, but we cannot say anything definite at this point.

Please note that we are specifically looking for people willing to speak at the conference. If you were aiming on purely submitting a paper without attending the conference to speak about it, please let us know immediately.


the Wikimania team.

  • Tranfered into the otrs, please tell me the xx date so that I can update this, too. --Elian 16:35, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)