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Accomodation[edit source]

See http://wikimania.wikimedia.org/wiki/Accomodation

Trivia[edit source]

A Wikimania trivia contest will be held Friday night in the main social room (the Terrassensaal). Teams will be asked to sign up earlier in the day; teams may consist of from 0 to at least 1 people. Teams with 0 people will be listed last in the final rankings.

The contest itself will consist of somewhere under 1000 trivia questions, in various formats; some may be solely written; some may be read; some may be visual. The entire contest will last for around half an hour; following which teams will be encouraged to switch their papers and score one another's work.

The winners will receive great acclaim and a free round of something frosty after dinner. We reserve the right to thrown in an extremely geeky non-perishable reward as well.

No film list[edit source]

The no film list is a list of people attending Wikimania who do not want to be photographed or filmed in any way.

People not to photograph[edit source]

Other people to be careful about[edit source]

  • Anyone who quickly hides behind someone else when you pull out your [video]camera ...

Other pages[edit source]

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Sponsors[edit source]

To be determined.

Suggestions for sponsors[edit source]

Please add to this list...

Sponsors[edit source]

Potential sponsors:

  • Computer corps: Hewlett-Packard (HP invent), IBM / DELL (computer hardware?), SUN maybe?
    • Re: SUN -- if it be okay, contact me.I know someone there (in Germany) who maybe would help us. --PatrickD
  • Linux groups, OS orgs?
  • Airlines (thinking of mass rabatt/partially sponsored flights) (I will talk to STAR ALLIANCE about this FrankBusch 13:17, 12 Nov 2004 (UTC)) ** News: Reductions under the Star Alliance Conventions Programme start from 1000 participants, local Lufthansa reductions from 300 participants. I guess we will not reach these numbers. FrankBusch 12:43, 10 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Local sponsors : Media (DW?), Jugendherberge-Gruppen, local government...

Supporter[edit source]

(who helps us with their name to find other sponsors or speakers, or help us with man power on the congress)

  • Some Open Source Group for providing us with Software to use
  • university of frankfurt http://www.uni-frankfurt.de/
  • If the Academy of Arts and Design in Offenbach can do anything, please contact me (meeting spaces for preparing things, contacts to students, artists, cultural institutions etc) --Osc 18:58, 25 Nov 2004 (UTC)
  • Local providers for Internet connectivity and networking equipment --JoergHoh
  • local printer for posters, programms ... --PatrickD 22:48, 30 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Places for social events[edit source]

(with low or no costs)

  • "Die Deutsche Bibliothek" - the german national Library a part of it is locacted in Frankfurt PatrickD

Press[edit source]

Other[edit source]

(nor sortet yet nor not sure where to sort in)

  • Local Interest Groups
  • Local Governments/Public Bodies?
  • if appropriate and timely: (european) subsidies (i will have to look this up in the book i own about this) oscar 21:06, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC)
  • Socialtext
  • why not Brockhaus ? think twice, before saying no. Denisoliver
  • european community ;-) there's may be a fond for this?
  • "Messe Frankfurt" Ilja 10:55, 18 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Approved sponsors and support[edit source]

Name[edit source]

The Great Vote[edit source]

The vote closed at 0330 UTC 5 November 2004 due to strong showing of support for the names Wikimania 2005 and The First International Wikimedia Conference. The vote page may be viewed here.

The remainder of this page is here for historical purposes.

[edit source]

Should'nd there be some kind of a logo?

Wikimedia Convention 2005[edit source]

I propose that instead of calling this meetup just

Wikimedia meetup 2005

we call it

Wikimedia Convention 2005
Including the First International
Wikipedia Convention

Rationale[edit source]

We are trying to use the event not only to foster existing ties and facilitate closer collaboration, but also to invite the public/raise public awareness/recruit new contributors.

The "Wikipedia" brand is already established (and becoming increasingly better known).

The "Wikimedia" brand is not nearly as well established.

Thus, it will make good sense for us to co-advertise the event as a "Wikipedia Convention" and "Wikimedia Convention". I also propose that we emphasise the words "Wikipedia Convention" in terms of formatting and font sizes (where applicable). The formatting chosen above is an example of this.

Granted, the way I understand things, the Wikimedia 2005 is not only a Wikipedia convention, but it's also a convention for things concerning all other Wikimedia projects. However, the Wikipedia arguably is by far the biggest Wikimedia project and thus deserves "headline mention". Doing this will leverage the Wikipedia brand power and during the convention we can do all sorts of things (references in speeches, announcements, flyers, signs, stands etc.) to make it very clear to everybody that there are other Wikimedia projects as well and that we'd love people to find out more about them. (Ropers 00:06, 11 Oct 2004 (UTC))

I propose amending this to read "The First Annual International Wikimedia Convention", as there's already been ideas thrown around as to a possible meetup to be held in 2006 which we could then call the Second Annual International Wikimedia Convention. ;) -- Grunt 01:37, 2004 Oct 11 (UTC)

Hm, I wouldn't name it "annual", because that kind of "forces" us to hold meetings every year going forward. While I'm not opposed to us doing that, it seems unwise to me to set an expectation which we may end up becoming unable or unwilling to fulfill in the future. Otherwise--what I said above--we'd be short-changing ourselves not to leverage the "Wikipedia" brand in the name. Ropers 11:46, 12 Oct 2004 (UTC)

True, the wikipedias are better known. But by emphasising it even further, you make wiktionary and other projects the Cinderellas of the Wikimedia fairy tail. I do not see Wikipedia as a wicked stepsister, do not make it one. GerardM 14:45, 12 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Wikimania[edit source]

Wikimania Symposium 2005 will be my choice. Anthere

Wikimedia Conference[edit source]

I propose we call it the Wikimedia Conference or Wikimedia Conference and Festival, because "meetup" sounds like a bunch of people getting together to get drunk and "convention" sounds like a bunch of geeks getting together to be geeks (both of which may apply to the project but are still a big turn off). --Joe D 12:51, 20 Oct 2004 (UTC)

I agree with Joe. And let me add that I'm also not happy with Wikimania. There is already enough confusion about Wikipedia <-> Wikimedia <-> MediaWiki. Wikimedia Conference (short WikiCon or WiCon) sounds good and should be similar in many languages, at least in German: Wikimedia Konferenz. -- Arne (akl) 13:09, 20 Oct 2004 (UTC)
In french, a con is the sex of the woman. By extension, the equivalent in term of impact to call someone a con is to call him an asshole. Un connard would be more a fucking asshole. I know the conference would not be in France, but I already feel quite frozen at the idea of promoting a conference called for us "WikiAssHole". Seriously :-) Anthere
I have to say that Wikimania is a strange name... I actually quite like it but it is a bit deceptive in that Wikimedia is not the only Wiki site and people wouldn't always identify Wikimania with Wikipedia or Wikimedia. Honestly, the first I thought when seeing Wikimania was "whoa - Wikimedia+Romania=Wikimania - Cluj-Napoca has won this!" So, it is a bit deceptive. I suggest this (no personal interest here ;-) - we call it The First International Wikimedia Conference and Festival and we leave Wikimania to the Wikimedia meetup Central and Eastern Europe when it will be hosted in Romania. Then things will be more interesting! Then again, Wikimania is snazzy and interesting. Anyone up for a vote? Ronline 13:18, 20 Oct 2004 (UTC)
I suggest we hold off on a vote until we actually have a final location picked. The location should be our priority right now, IMO. -- Grunt 19:33, 2004 Oct 20 (UTC)
I like the idea of the First International Wikimedia Conference, with Wikimania as an unofficial nickname. --Kwekubo 21:04, 20 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Symposium[edit source]

what about Wikimedia Symposium? or a combination, like Wikimania, the 2005 Wikimedia Symposium (title and subtile are meant)? oscar 10:12, 22 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Other Discussion[edit source]

Of course, we could always use two names: a more official name and a less official name. A lot of people seem to like the idea of using the words "First International Wikimedia (something)", and Wikimania is getting a lot of support on its own. So, we could do "The First International Wikimedia Con[vention/ference] aka Wikimania 2005" and keep everyone happy. What does everyone else think? -- Grunt 19:36, 2004 Oct 20 (UTC)

I don't believe there's any objection to anything but the last word; i.e. having dual names "Wikimania 2005 / The First International Wikimedia (something)". We're only arguing about what that something should be right now. As soon as the city gets chosen I suggest we should pick the name relatively soon thereafter so that we have all the critical elements of Wikimania set up. :) -- Grunt 16:15, 2004 Oct 31 (UTC)

Speakers[edit source]

The programme for Wikimania 2005 will include a mixture of presentations and workshops by various speakers and social events.

Please use this page to suggest potential speakers and workshops.

Help with drafting the Wikimania:Call for papers.

Suggested Speakers[edit source]

  • Debora Weber-Wulff or Jakob Voss about Wikipedia in academic studies (I don't really know *that* much.... --WiseWoman 23:29, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC))
  • David Shay The Encyclopedia: From Paper to the Internet and Back
  • actually a panel discussion on this question, perhaps with some senior academics (if they are from the area, they are cheaper :-)) who have dealt with precisely this topic
  • oscar wikipedia: somewhere between science and art.
  • Ronline — The importance of Wikipedia in promoting minority or endangered languages and cultures
  • Arno Lagrange 
    • [eo] Lingva demokrateco en la Wikimedia projekto. La rolo de Esperanto (multlingve)
    • [fr] Démocratie linguistique dans le projet Wikimedia. Le rôle de l'Espéranto (multilingue)
    • [en] Linguistic democracy in the Wikimedia project. Role of Esperanto (multilingual)
    • [es] Democracia lingüística en el proyecto Wikimedia. El rol del Esperanto (multilingüe)
    • [de] Sprachdemokratie im Wikimediaprojekt. Die Rolle von Esperanto? (mehrsprachig)
  • GerardM on Wiktionary maybe Wikispecies Wikidata
  • IBM history flow project
  • It would be nice to have the conference under the protectorate of some really big shot in german politics, for example the mayor of Frankfurt, or the German minister for education . This would ensure some publicity.
  • Volker Grassmuck
  • Encyclopedists panel: a speaker from each of Wikipedia, Encarta, Britannica, Brockhaus etc.
  • de:Benutzer:TomK32 would like to speak abou the WikiReaders, WikiReader Digest and maybe about the German spoken Wikipedia. Also open for any kind of workshops.
  • Andrew Lih on Asian Wikipedia projects, academic research.
  • Guaka: using Wikimedia projects to bridge the digital divide. Setting up and promoting African language Wikipedias, and adding African languages to the Wiktionaries. And the relation between African languages and European regional languages. I'm actively working on this right for the next two months. here's a presentation I'm giving Wednesday, which is also the launch date of the Bambara Wikipedia contest. Guaka 12:59, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Tracks[edit source]

As there are four rooms to hold meetings in, it is possible to have four tracks of meetings / workshops / presentations. When the tracks are scheduled to start/stop at the same time, an attractive schedule can be had where people can choose which meeting they want to attend.

One track at least should have its focus outside of wikipedia. This can be filled with wiktionary, learning languages, internationalisation, and the relations between it all...

  • Wikinews -- Basic journalism principles, interviewing, research, etc. Might be able to recruit reporters who would allow Wikinewsies to "shadow" them.

Workshops[edit source]

  • Translation workshop (multilingual): How to do translations right, tricks of professional translators etc. (I have someone in mind for this, atm establishing contact)
  • Discussion & Workshop about Categories maybe someone from the german national library and other ..
  • Local chapter meetings
  • Public relations
  • Photography workshop (perhaps a local camera club or professional photographer might be interested in giving some tips here?)
  • Ethics and law as applied to publishing

Other[edit source]

  • A photography competition organised by sannse
  • Critiques of articles

Categories[edit source]

  • Community
  • Technical
  • Research