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Wikimania 2006 : Archived Milano bid
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...where's Milan?

City details

[edit source]
The Duomo
no, that's not the conference venue...;-)
  • Country: Italy
  • City proposed: Milan
  • Proposed dates: 4 - 7 Aug (Friday to Monday)
  • Contact persons: Frieda, Civvi

Conference venue

[edit source]

We can choose between the following venues.

They have different size rooms:

  • Great hall (698 p.) + small rooms [aula magna + salette aula magna]
  • Representation hall [sala rappresentanza]
  • other places (i.e. porches) [spazi espositivi]
  • 300 p. hall [aula da 300 p.]
  • 100 p. hall [aula da 100 p.]
  • less than 100 p. halls [aule con meno di 100 p.]

Technical facilities (at least in the Great hall): air conditioning; video: DIA projector (carousel), videodisco, VTR 3/4" U-Matic, VTR 1/2" VHS multistandard, VTR 1/2"(for recording), videoprojector, cams and PC; sound: mixer, 3 radio microphones, facilities for simultaneous translation (Philips).

The whole university is wired.
Contacts: by phone, to be sure they're open and free in August.
Prices: here.

The whole university is wired.
Contacts: by mail and by fax, still waiting for an answer.
Prices: here.

Basically they have really huge rooms which can be divided into smaller ones. They can take care of that. It's quite a new location in Milan so perhaps prices will be "competitive".

They'll offer:

  • a 500 p. hall
  • a 300 p. hall
  • a 100 p. hall
  • 2 or 3 20 p. halls
  • catering for lunch

The 3 bigger hall have videoprojectors and microphones. We asked for a wifi internet access.

Contact: by phone and mail. Waiting for an estimate.

Since we had a really interested reaction from the museum, but unfortunately there isn't enough space for us, we thought to organize the press conference (or another event) there, in a historical room with XVII century frescoes.


[edit source]
  • Distance from mainline station(s):
    • The main station (Stazione Centrale) is quite in the center of Milan and is connected through 2 underground lines. (1 €) -
  • Estimation of travel costs from all continents:
    • Boston - Milano (one way, Aer Lingus): starting from 391€
    • Toronto - Milan (return, Swiss air): 494€ - Air France 530€ - Lufthansa 600€
    • Tampa - Milano (return, Alitalia): starting from 986€ (let's not forget Florida)
    • Los Angeles - Milano (return, Alitalia): starting from 946€
    • London - Milano (one way, Ryan Air): starting from 0.01 GBP
    • Rio - Milano (return, Air Portugal): starting from 1222€
    • Tokyo - Milano (return, Air France): starting from 1677€
    • Johannesburg - Milano (return, British Airways): starting from 1026€
  • Distance from most accomodations


[edit source]

Accomodation would be off site indipendently from the location of the conference. In August (traditional holiday month in Italy) there won't be problem moving around with public means of transport, no rush hour, no traffic, no delays. Public transportation is inexpensive in Italy (1 euro for 75 minutes - 1 day ticket 3 euro - 2 day ticket 5,5 euro).

  • Location of main accomodation facilities:
    • Milano Youth Hostel: has 380 beds in rooms for 6 persons. Cost is 19€ pppn B&B. That would be off-site indipendently from the conference venue.
  • Other accomodations:
    • Ostellolinda: 15€ per night without breakfast, only 24 beds available
    • Postello: 15€ per night without breakfast but including free internet access, only 26 beds (4, 6, 8 beds per room)
    • Ostello La Cordata Via Burigozzo: 18€ per night without breakfast (there's a kitchen available) but including free internet access, only 38 beds
    • La Ghisolfina "Bed & Coffee": Via Mottarone,4 Milano Tel./Fax: 0239210196 (15 € per night , all services inclused)
  • contacts with accomodation partner: by phone or by mail (depending on which partner). Milano Youth Hostel needs to know in advance (at least one month before) how many persons (no problems to book the entire hostel).

Milan offers really many different accomodations solution (e.g. hotels).

  • Catering (one meal a day)
    • Catering on site - Some conference venues we are evaluating do not take care of catering so we are checking different options, we would prefer to give priority to non-profit organizations for the external catering but if it proves to be too difficult we will take some, "old and consolidated" catering company. In each case nothing exotic, only traditional italian food ;-)
    • Contacts for catering: many! By mail and phone, waiting for estimates.

Local sponsorship opportunities

[edit source]

Milano is the economic capital of Italy (e.g. the italian Stock Exchange is here), we expect sponsorship interest. Looking for sponsor in advance is quite difficult.

  • We can have a moral sponsorship by Regione Lombardia and Provincia di Milano; we can also apply for a sponsorship by the City of Milan (we've to wait for 2006 announcement, there is a programme of incentives for activities and events in August called Milano Aperta)
  • Cefriel is interested in Wikimania. Still waiting for a meeting to explore this interest

Local team

[edit source]

Username and "minibabel"

  1. Frieda (it - en)
  2. Civvi (it - de - en)
  3. Gatto Nero (mainly: press contacts) (it - de - en)
  4. Paginazero (it - en - ru)
  5. Gac (it - en)
  6. Ilario (0 0) (it- en - fr - de)
  7. EdoM (it - en)
  8. Auro (it- fr - en)
  9. AnyFile (it- en)
  10. Sabine Cretella (it - de - en)
  11. Martin Mai (de - en - it)
  12. it:Utente:Iron Bishop (it - en)
  13. Daniela (it)
  14. Laurentius (it - en)


[edit source]

Tv coverage

[edit source]

Arcoiris offers us tv coverage for the whole conference. The proposal includes:

  • Live broadcasting for greater events (by satellite)
  • Broadcasting a recorded version by web
  • Interviews to all delegations, from every nation, in every language

Simultaneous translation

[edit source]
  • Sabine Cretella can find interpreters (cheap or for free)
  • in case, we can ask to Logos
  • in Milano we've a kind of university for translators and interpreters: Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori; we can ask for some of their best students


[edit source]
  • Sightseeing of Milano by historical tram
  • Wikimania party on the green: possible venues Boscoincittà or nearby ex-hospital Paolo Pini
  • Treasure hunt in the town centre
  • Wikimania dinner: possible venue restaurant Saint Georges Premier (in the middle of Monza Park)

On demand our Entertainment Team can plan other proposals.

  • Milan is quite well known in the world for the fashion business but the city also offers some interesting monuments and museums. We can provide for an interesting cultural-shopping-entertainment programme for all (bored to death) wikiwifes, wikihusbands, girl- and boyfriends.
  • Milan is really near to a lot of major touristical locations like Lake Maggiore, Lake Como (both less then an hour by train), Lake Garda (an hour and a half by train) or the Italian Riviera (less than two hours by train) so Wikimania could be combined with the "family holidays".


[edit source]
  • Weaknesses of the proposed location
  1. Prices of the venues
    • Solution: if we can have a partnership with some Professors we can have Bicocca's halls for free (perhaps also Statale..)
  • Strengths of the proposed location
  1. We've got Wikimedia Italia
  2. We've got a quite large wikimedian community around Milan
  3. Italy is a member of Schengen treaty

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