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Program meeting, 2/23/06, Thursday 23:00UTC, freenode#wikimania

Older meeting minutes


[edit source]
  • Program teams - member recruitment, separate meetings /discussion [1]
  • Keynote invitations -- ordered list, N at a time (N = 2?) [2]
  • Non-keynote invitations: timeline [1]
  • Updates :
    • CFP distribution and translation; Keynote responses so far. [1]
    • Software: .LRN custom install? Talk by Carl B, if avail. later on.
    • Program materials: things to hand out. RR Donnelley, NYC printers
  • Website: clean wiki; old proceedings; new proceedings [1]
  • Design: Wikimania badges, banners, posters. [1]
  • Future meeting scheduling: weekly for 20 min? [1]
  • Q&A [2]

Condensed Notes

[edit source]
  • New program volunteers: GeraldM (projects & content); nsh (tech); komissar (FKAATI)
  • Program teams, to-do this week:
    • recruit others for your team (direct general questions about reviewing to phoebe); put names down here
    • review and add to list of speakers, with supporting information (not just name, but links, info) Wikimania_2006/Program_ideas (several speakers discussed during meeting; added to list)
    • within your team discuss possible keynotes for your track, via email/wiki
    • by next meeting (Th 3/2): every team should have a list of at least 10 great speakers on the list discussed ("both star-power and cutting-edge work presenters") with priorities (don't list priorities onwiki, make sure it's clear that these are *suggested speakers*; priority list can go in private section of wikimania.wikimedia).
  • Next meeting after Thursday, in 2 weeks (week of the 6th) -- longer, scheduled on a weekend, when everyone can make it
    • Indepth discussion of speakers, so as to begin...
    • inviting great speakers early and often (but only one at a time)
  • Printing - sj's talked to printers. To decide now: what kind of printed material to give to attendees (32p. booklet vs 3 page handout). Deadline for printers is 6 weeks out but who to go to depends on what it is (also, cost).
  • Clean wiki and proceedings: Sj suggests making a clean, editable wiki at wikimania.wikimedia so that we can build the site; (wikimania to redirect to wikimania2006.wikimedia.org; last year's content at wikimania2005.wikimedia.org; sounds like a good plan to those assembled; brion will do.) Hosting the Wikimania proceedings at wikimania permanently suggested, agreed that the Wikimania wiki is the best place for them.
  • Design: B4's made some badges. Please review and comment.
  • General notes
    • if you want to be on the program team, send email to brassratgirl.at.gmail.dot.com so as to get on mini-mailing list
    • If you need an account on wikimania.wikimedia, email Angela
  • Next meeting: Thursday Mar. 2nd, 23:00UTC, short. Check in with program teams about members and speakers, wikimania wiki work
  • Next meeting after that, TBD, please put down the times you are available in talk -- longer, discussion of speakers, all program team should be there if poss.

Brassratgirl 20:07, 25 February 2006 (UTC)

Log (arithm)

[edit source]
	Angela	GerardM: great. can you add yourself to http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Program_Team and let brassratgirl know your email address
	GerardM	WiktionaryZ sounds like Wiktionaries
	GerardM	and therefore has a link with the other Wiktionary projects
	_sj_	let's wait until eight after to start going through the agenda...
	_sj_	gerard: ahhh
	_sj_	I missed that :)
	mako	ii'm here
	_sj_	hey mak
	_sj_	I'm hoping to get a submission about how to use mediawiki on OLPC laptops
	_sj_	or rather, 'using mediawiki as a platform for schoolkids to collaborate over networked machines'
	GerardM	what is OLPC
	asw	hi all.
	GerardM	Jan-Bart from Kennisnet wants to give a presentation about the research they do on what works with wikis in education
	GerardM	In the Dutch chapter we hear regularly about that
	mako	one laptop per child
	mako	it's the non-profit organization that is running the $100 laptop project
	brassratgirl	hey all
	GerardM	thanks
	brassratgirl	sorry, running late
	_sj_	hey there
	_sj_	gerard: yes, cool
	_sj_	hope to see a submission from him too
	GerardM	He will .. he told us
	_sj_	ok
	_sj_	let's go through the agenda quickly
	GerardM	if not him it would be Annemiek or Galwaygirl
	_sj_	and encourage discussion on-wiki.
	|<--	SvenDowideit has left freenode (Connection timed out)
	_sj_	hmm, site slowing..
	_sj_	ok. agenda updated.
	_sj_	1) member recruiting for themes:
	_sj_	angela sent out email today, specially looking for project assistance. gerard and nsh have shown some interest;
	_sj_	please get anyone who is interested to sign up on the wiki.
	_sj_	each theme shoujld have separate discussions this week about the list of speakers they'd like to hypothetically invite
	brassratgirl	kommisar: you are interested in helping with free knowledge, yes?
	_sj_	(being ambitious, and knowing not all will accept)
	brassratgirl	komissar, rather
	komissar	what exactly is it?
	_sj_	ahh, + komissar :)
	brassratgirl	"Free knowledge and access to information"
	_sj_	we can talk about what it is after the meeting...
	_sj_	the other reason theme groups should meet is to discuss keynotes
	_sj_	we should expect some good keynotes not to be free, or to say no.
	_sj_	which is a reason to invite early and often;
	_sj_	but no more than one per theme at a time, perhaps...
	brassratgirl	here's the list: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Program_ideas
	brassratgirl	I started working on it but it's still v. incomplete
	_sj_	so please have at least two keynotes you'd like to invite for your theme
	_sj_	and have one invite out at a time.
	_sj_	Tim BL for i8nstance hasn't given a firm response; and we don't have confirmation from lessig, though he is free.
	Angela	where should we put Jimbo? Does he fit best with the projects & content theme?
	asw	hides - brassratgirl : sorry I couldn't help more with reorg of invitees themes
	_sj_	I believe he does. but we could also have a second projects keynote
	_sj_	if there's a good one we want to bring in.
	brassratgirl	asw: no worries :)
	brassratgirl	Angela: I'd agree with sj
	_sj_	that is, jimbo is likely to touch on largely, but not only projects; so we could classify him as we wish
	brassratgirl	he's of interest across the conference, after all :)
	_sj_	non-kenote invites need a quick timeline for being listed and discussed, as well.
	_sj_	We could devote our meeting next week to talking about specific speakers
	_sj_	and the priorities for each theme
	GerardM	An interesting speaker could be profesor Melby .. he could talk about Standards and their relevance for us
	brassratgirl	for that to work, the themes should start reviewing people this week
	brassratgirl	GerardM: who's that?
	_sj_	we should have a list of 10-30 speakers per theme by then, if we want to be productive
	GerardM	He is a linguist ..and a Standards guru
	_sj_	please encourage your themes to come up with a good list; both star-power and cutting-edge work presenters
	brassratgirl	GerardM: Can you put his full name down? or send it to me?
	GerardM	Alan K Melby
	_sj_	I have a list of very ambitious people to throw in this weekend.
	_sj_	does next week sound like a reasonable deadline for discussing speakers in detail?
	brassratgirl	how are the themes doing, people-wise?
	brassratgirl	are there any social science reps here?
	_sj_	~2 people for free knowledge atm.
	_sj_	<not enough>
	brassratgirl	right
	_sj_	I saw new suggestions for social science, but no acceptances this week
	_sj_	should we aim for two weeks from now instead? we should pick a day and make it a longer meeting
	_sj_	and have discussions on-wiki beforehand, with a meeting to has out any lingering conflicts
	asw	_sj_ - for discussing the speakers we should also consider more email...
	brassratgirl	the themes that are more formed (law & policy, social science) should consider meeting amongst themselves
	_sj_	asw: agreed.
	asw	dunno. I realize it's less open than the mailing list.
	brassratgirl	If everyone could get their email to me, I'm maintaining a list of paper reviewers
	_sj_	nice.
	_sj_	the theme3 groups should definitely discuss themselves;
	_sj_	then share on the wiki before a review meeting
	brassratgirl	(brassratgirl@gmail.com)
	brassratgirl	_sj_, I think we should have some goals before a review meeting
	brassratgirl	esp. if it's 2 weeks out
	asw	these mini-lists (just via CC) are very useful i think. But we should include anyone that wants to be included... I've been worried about spamming people.
	_sj_	right. so what kind of interim goal? a minimum list size on the wiki?
	brassratgirl	asw: agreed .. I wanted to make a list so we didn't have to spam all of wikimania
	brassratgirl	some kind of priority ranking would be nice
	_sj_	ok, yes. list and simple priority
	asw	nods. I think it already looks better now that it's getting organized into tracks.
	brassratgirl	there are bound to be people that we come to agreement would be awesome to have, best to do that beforehand
	brassratgirl	if possible
	_sj_	two weeks should be enough time to reach those agreements
	_sj_	then the difficult or controversial <cough laura bush> cases
	asw	Hey we have two yeses. :) for law. :)
	_sj_	can be discussed.
	_sj_	that one should really be discussed this week...
	_sj_	but after the meeting.
	brassratgirl	coughs
	brassratgirl	uh.. we need a space to put all this
	brassratgirl	asw: what?
	_sj_	shall we say at least 10 suggested speakers per track?
	brassratgirl	two yesses?
	_sj_	with priorities, by next week?
	_sj_	while people think about that... a few updates :
	_sj_	the cfp still needs to be distributed; along with general announcements
	_sj_	the cfp was picked up on a few blogs; which is helpful
	_sj_	and there are blogs that ask for conference details, and online calendars
	_sj_	(one of the big web2.0 memes)
	_sj_	which encourage submissions.
	_sj_	we should add those to our list of contacts
	_sj_	I'll give more of an update on that this weekend by mail
	Angela	do we want to make suggested speakers public though if we're not going to actually invite all of them?
	asw	i don't mean to be whiny but it sort of sucks that the cfp says "call for participation" in some places and "call for papers" in others.
	brassratgirl	_sj_, in particular, there are several local lists that are listed that I don't know if anyone contacted, like local library lists
	asw	What can we do to update the wikimania site?
	_sj_	asw: see the 'new wiki' note
	_sj_	we'll get to it in a min
	_sj_	brg: the locals, probably not.
	_sj_	angela: I would say yes
	_sj_	it should be a compliment to be listed on the suggestions page
	_sj_	and we can send all of the people on those lists a personal cfp note
	brassratgirl	but they should be listed as "suggested" or "proposed" or "speaker ideas"
	_sj_	but some of them would get a more explicit "we want you to come"
	asw	_sj_ you changed the agenda during the meeting. -bad boy-
	_sj_	asw: meta was hanging for me for 10 min or so
	asw	:)
	_sj_	had to log out and back in
	_sj_	angela: you would be nervous about that?
	_sj_	(update 2: carl blesius offered to make a custom installation of .LRN for the conference)
	Angela	Sj: I was just thinking people could be upset if they're listed and then removed.
	_sj_	(if we could use it. the .LRN consortium is a cool education-based consortium using open source software; having them bought into the event would be nice; and it's a pretty neat system. We might think about integrating such an installation with the wikimania wiki.)
	Angela	Perhaps te page just needs to be very clear that these are suggestions, not a formal list of people we are inviting.
	_sj_	angela: sounds good
	Angela	what is .LRN?
	_sj_	dotlrn.org
	brassratgirl	Angela, I can write a little text for the page that says exactly that :)
	Angela	That would be great.
	_sj_	of course, I may be partial to it b/c I wrote bits of the more ancient code they use :)
	_sj_	it was a nice offer. I don't want to ask them to put dozens of hours into it if we definitely wouldn't use such an install
	_sj_	so I'm hoping to have carl give a demo of what it might be like, used for a conference
	_sj_	if that happens, I'll let everyone know / post a link to a demosite
	_sj_	(update 3 : program materials. how much to hand out? info about speakers, presentations, &c.
	brassratgirl	what's RR Donnelley refer to?
	asw	-- need to step out for a bit -- sorry.
	_sj_	(I talked to two printers today; one of whom liked the idea of the conf, and is going to send quotes for a conf-sized run on their high-volume machines.)
	_sj_	they're a major printing and marketing? firm in the US
	brassratgirl	how soon do we have to figure this out by?
	_sj_	I met a few printers from their branch out near Boston; they have one machine small enough to do a quick run like this.
	brassratgirl	I assume printing wouldn't be done for a while ..
	_sj_	more updates when there's more info. we should start thinking about what we want to provide attendees.
	brassratgirl	full printed sets of wikipedia, of course.
	brassratgirl	I personally won't settle for anything less.
	_sj_	right, but we need to figure well in advance what size we want the volume to be; if its 1000 copies of a 32-pg booklet, that's one kind of printing. if its 1000 copies of a one-pg leaflet, that's another.
	brassratgirl	ok, gotcha.
	_sj_	we have to tell presenters if we need print-ready materials / photos from them 6 weeks out
	-->|	SvenDowideit (n=sven@203-166-252-156.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #wikimania
	_sj_	wb sven
	_sj_	brion_away, around?
	Angela	I think we should wait and see whether we get any sponsorship before deciding on printing.
	Angela	We might not be able to afford it.
	_sj_	some sponsorship could be for recognition in the printed matter
	_sj_	a standard rate sheet includes the price of ads in the program; if there are orgs for which we would accept this, we should decide that in advance.
	Angela	Jimmy had asked Danny to go through his contacts and find potential sponsors, but he's apparently been too busy to do that, and there have been no volunteers to do it either.
	_sj_	(and make a list and ask them, since there might not be many :)
	_sj_	right.
	nsh	catches up quickly
	nsh	(as possible)
	_sj_	brion's not here... but I tlked to him about creating a clean wiki
	_sj_	and renaming the old one
	_sj_	making the new wiki publicly editable. that would help us get it cleaned up fast.
	_sj_	so brion, when you read the logs, don't forget us :)
	brassratgirl	a clean wiki at wikimania?
	GerardM	What do we need in sponsors and how would it work for them ?
	_sj_	gerardm: we need to offer them a rate sheet
	_sj_	suggesting what levels of sponsorship there are
	GerardM	lets talk later ..
	_sj_	brg: a clean wiki now
	_sj_	which we would repopulate with the three-four pages that are currently viewable
	_sj_	and then add onto, renaming pages as necessary (Call for participation, etc)
	brassratgirl	yes. a clean wiki where, is what I meant. what url?
	_sj_	yeah, at wikimania.wikimedia.org
	_sj_	nudges b4_
	brassratgirl	ok . Sounds good.
	_sj_	what do people think of hosting all wikimania proceedings on the wikimania wiki, permanently?
	b4_	ok
	_sj_	( if we don't do this, we might start up a separate reviewed, academic-content wiki... )
	brassratgirl	_sj_: don't do what?
	_sj_	if we don't host proceedings on wikimania.wikimedia
	_sj_	we need a place where we can reliably keep wikimania proceedings.
	brassratgirl	I think it's a definite possiblity, but we should consider how to do it and what it means
	brassratgirl	how to organize & tag them well, etc.
	_sj_	for those not following the edit wars at en.wikibooks, the 2005 proceedings were deleted from there and moved to meta
	_sj_	where they may also not belong
	brassratgirl	maybe a discussion for another day...
	_sj_	right.
	_sj_	b4, design?
	=-=	brion_away is now known as brion
	brassratgirl	(I def. don't think they belong on meta; it's a mess)
	_sj_	(even if they do, they can't stay as Transwiki: pages)
	Angela	We should host it on the wikimania wiki. Not all submissions are academic-content, so having it on a site wich requires that won't work.
	_sj_	angela: good point. agreed.
	nsh	wikibooks is only for academic content?
	Angela	No, the "separate reviewed, academic-content wiki..." Sj mentioned is.
	_sj_	(brion: any chance of getting a clean wikimania wiki by the weekend?)
	_sj_	(and wb :)
	nsh	ah
	nsh	ty
	brassratgirl	the other bonus to having them on wikimania is everything's in one place; someone wants to know where to look, it's one stop shopping
	Angela	But wikibooks is only for textbooks, which led to some controversy over conference proceedings going there.
	nsh	one stop shopping++
	nsh	but also, permament location++
	nsh	how about wikisource?
	nsh	that's a pretty wide bucket
	Angela	They aren't really source texts.
	nsh	how about wikieverything2
	nsh	:-)
	brassratgirl	also there could be licensing issues, potentially..
	nsh	we'd have to initiate more newbie-haazing for that
	Angela	There's no point risking ending up on VfD on any project. We can just keep this on the wikimania wiki where people can't object tp it.
	brion	_sj_: gimme a url and a name
	nsh	ok, agreed
	GerardM	wikiandthekitchensink
	brion	_sj_: keep in mind we want to archive materials for each conference. i recommend having a site per year.
	Angela	wikimania2005.wikimedia.org for the old one perhaps?
	_sj_	can we move the current wiki to a new url (wikimania2005.wikimedia.org?) and create a new one at this name?
	_sj_	nice :) jinx
	GerardM	Sensible
	nsh	ugly, but ok
	_sj_	brion: fair enough. then we could move back the 'archive' on meta atm.
	brassratgirl	better than meta.
	nsh	aye
	brion	and don't move them around every year; start it at wikimania2006 and keep it there.
	nsh	nods
	_sj_	right.
	_sj_	and redirect wikimania.
	brion	breaking urls next year would be silly.
	_sj_	ok...
	brion	\o/
	brassratgirl	redirect to the current year's site would be nice; it could just be changed every year
	nsh	introduces self to brassratgirl, haven't not seen her around before
	brassratgirl	and people could to to the same place
	nsh	nods
	brassratgirl	*could go to
	_sj_	cool. please ping people in this channel when it happens
	_sj_	so we can make sure existing important external links are updated
	brassratgirl	heya nsh
	nsh	:-)
	_sj_	for general Q&A : http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimania_2006
	brassratgirl	and next meetings?
	_sj_	I'm free most evenings next week
	nsh	one point that just came up in the RSA/Economist lecture i was just listening to...
	_sj_	the week after we might want to schedule more carefully, and get agreement on-list
	nsh	there was a lady talking from the RNIB (institute for the blind) and it made me think: pretty soon we're going to have to address the problem of accessibility
	_sj_	if we actually want to make decisions following that meeting.
	_sj_	nsh: do you know en:User:Hydnjo?
	nsh	so perhaps having someone speak about it at this year's wikimania would be good
	brassratgirl	_sj_: yes
	brassratgirl	maybe another weekday meeting next week (same time, same place?)
	nsh	as the readerbase goes up, so does the proportional disenfranchisment
	_sj_	nsh: interesting idea. can you add that to the Program ideas page?
	brassratgirl	and a weekend meeting for the next one, with on-list consensus
	nsh	_sj_, don't think i know them
	nsh	_sj_, sure
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	_sj_	b4_
	_sj_	?
	_sj_	if you haven't seen the current suggested badges,
	_sj_	please comment : http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:B4#Wikimania_Badges
	b4_	yes, badges up
	Angela	there are some comments on those at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_talk:B4
	Angela	I asked Delphine to comment since she was the one who wrote most of http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Wikimedia_visual_identity_guidelines
	b4_	if they don't adhere to to guidelines, i can drop the faded logos in the back
	b4_	also, on the new wiki, let me know if we want to use monobook
	_sj_	b4: a good discussion to have on a design page
	_sj_	it's time we had a separate page for those threads
	b4_	sure, good suggestion
	_sj_	perhaps Wikimania 2006/Design
	brassratgirl	speaking of seperate pages... do we wnat to do initial ranking of speakers on the same page, until it gets too big?
	brassratgirl	(program ideas)
	_sj_	works for me
	_sj_	unless people will be too offended
	_sj_	angela, what do you think?
	Angela	I'd rather rankings were not public.
	Angela	we can have a private section of the wikimania wiki for everyone with an account, so why not do it there?
	-->|	nshtest (i=nsh@ has joined #wikimania
	|<--	nsh has left freenode (Nick collision from services.)
	_sj_	sounds fine.
	=-=	nshtest is now known as nsh
	brassratgirl	what should people do who need accounts again? (for the minutes)
	nsh	_sj_, where are the program ideas?
	Angela	Just tell me their username and email.
	_sj_	http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Program_ideas
	nsh	ah got it
	nsh	ty
	brassratgirl	ok
	brassratgirl	thanks
	_sj_	anyone else have wikimania updates?
	Angela	one question I had is which track would "other wikis" fit into?
	_sj_	not technically different
	Angela	Last year, we had a few related to other wikis and there's already at least one submission for that this year.
	GerardM	Do you mean outside the WMF or do you mean non wikipedia projects
	_sj_	just content-different?
	_sj_	right.
	brassratgirl	(other encyclopedias, too)
	Angela	I mean non-wikimedia projects.
	GerardM	like http://wiki.ontoworld.org/index.php/Semantic_Wiki ?
	_sj_	those don't fit under the five themes
	_sj_	but could certainly go under miscellaneous.
	Angela	Do we want a section where people can basically talk about their wiki? I was wondering if it might work best as an open space thing.
	brassratgirl	sighs
	_sj_	I would like that
	_sj_	appropriate, considering
	_sj_	an open section of the wiki, and an open space at the event
	Angela	It apparently worked well at recent changes camp.
	_sj_	yes
	brassratgirl	I've been talking to Eugene Kim about open space stuff as well
	brassratgirl	gave me some ideas...
	brassratgirl	it could work really well
	_sj_	I have to run atm. is there anything else we need to discuss?
	brassratgirl	next meeting:
	_sj_	next week's meeting
	brassratgirl	thursday march 2nd
	brassratgirl	?
	_sj_	I'm easy; any evening works for me. thursday this time is fine.
	brassratgirl	everyone, minutes are here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Program/2006-02-23
	brassratgirl	as usual
	brassratgirl	(or, will be)
	Angela	I can't promise to be here until the 5th.
	brassratgirl	23:00 ok with everyone again?
	brassratgirl	(tough to find a time that works for the whole world :(
	Angela	23:00 would be too late for me that day, but I don't know whether I'll have internet access then anyway.
	nsh	http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Program_ideas#Accessibility_and_Content.2FFormat_Seperation
	nsh	( _sj_ )
	_sj_	and set up options for a longer meeting in the tendays after that?
	=-=	_sj_ is now known as _sj|out_
	nsh	are slashes not valid anchor chars or is mediawiki being overly anal with the .2F ?
	brassratgirl	Angela: ok :(
	brassratgirl	sj, everyone: yes, let's have a meatier program meeting the week of the 6th
	Angela	But someone could just send me a log and I'll catch up afterwards.
	b4_	i'm out, bye all
	brassratgirl	Angela: will do, of course :)
	brassratgirl	bye b4_
	brassratgirl	(I like the badges, btw)
	_sj|out_	lovely. ttys.
	Angela	Bye all.