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Meeting on speakers[edit source]

March 5, Sunday, 23:00 UTC, #wikimania

Summary notes[edit source]

Please see the updated speakers list -- Wikimania 2006/Program ideas

In this meeting, we talked about possible speakers and presentation ideas by CFP theme. Note that many speakers are cross-disciplinary and may be placed in several themes and many possible topics could go into various themes.

Main points:[edit source]

  • General: this is a list of people to specifically invite to speak, and puts more obligation on us to let them speak (we will send the cfp to everyone on this list). Goal: prioritized list of 10 people per theme done by March 16; we'll start by inviting the top four people (more if on panels), moving on as people accept/reject. We're trying to fill around (at least?) 3 hours per theme with invited speakers; this could be divided up into half hour presentations, 1.5 workshops/panels, 45 min keynotes, etc. Around 5 invited speakers per track, +/- depending on track and type of presentations. Inviting someone does not mean paying their travel expenses.
  • Deciding about what panels/workshops/tutorials we want now, and getting people to submit abstracts or inviting specific people, is important as the deadline is soon (March 30th).
  • Talked about mix of speakers: practical topics vs theoretical/esoteric topics; various formats; community members and outside people.
  • Continue discussion over email with your program teammates; additional meeting this Thursday (and next weekend, if needed...).
  • All the speaker sections need to be groomed to have more info provided (links, etc) so we can make intelligent decisions - plus contact info gathered (perhaps on a private list) -- betsy_devine volunteered to do free knowledge.

If I missed things in these notes, please let me know or amend. NB: I know some of these people are coming already; send me a note if you know of particular people that have said they're coming Brassratgirl 19:34, 9 March 2006 (UTC)

technical infrastructure theme:[edit source]

Suggested panels:

  • Wiki platforms/developers panel (incld social text, confluence, etc)
  • mediawiki developers panel (load-balancing?)
  • panel with smaller wikis (see projects, below)
  • panel/workshop/presentation with feedback/summary from the hacking days

specific people:

  • the history flow folks (also under social sciences).
  • Tim B-L (invited)
  • Mediawiki devs - see
  • Seb Paquet (see above)
  • Cal Henderson

ideas for presentation topics:

  • Google print/booksearch/(translation?)
  • Standards
  • technologies for getting text and information to remote areas (courseware?)
  • semantic web (see wiki for suggestions)
  • WP on iPod
  • archiving infrastructure
  • interface design/usability


  • various tools tutorials - several suggested (see wiki)
  • search interface/design (wiki search?)

===projects and community:=== (items about specific projects, as well as project-wide issues that don't fit other places)

note that more of the speakers for this track may come out of community members who plan to attend anyway or who will submit abstracts anyway

suggested panels:

  • issues related to small wikis (starting up, geographically diverse)
  • encyclopedia panel, about the art and purpose of producing great

encyclopedias (inviting Cauz from Britannica)

  • panel on publishing wikimedia content: including issues of dvds, wikijunior, wikireaders, WP1.0, wikipress, mandriva

(inclding possible publishing-in-general workshop, if interest)

  • a critics panel - well spoken people who disagree with the projects or methodology
  • Panel of folks from the 6 largest projects/ or 6 fast growing smaller projects
  • Distribution of information - wikimedia in the developing world: a) how to generate and distribute free content which b) involve building local projects (with fkaati, below) (panel??)
  • how to get a project started/building a local community (with fkaati, below)

specific people:

  • Mediawiki devs (see above)
  • people from particular projects (for panels)
  • Paa Kwesi - Akan WP

free knowledge & access to info:[edit source]

(distribution of info, librarianship, etc) suggested panels:

  • Wikis in Education - incld. wikiversity (could be projects)

presentation ideas:

  • see projects in the developing world/distribution/getting a new project

started (projects, above)

  • Outreach to librarians (j. west may be doing this**)
  • Instantcommons (Paa Kwesi - see above)
  • Open access/archiving issues

specific people:

  • Phillipe Aigran
  • Seb Paquet (per above)
  • Brewster Kahle
  • clay shirky (also social sci, below)
  • someone from LOC

sugg. tutorials:

  • verifying information 101 (doing research *for* wm content)

Social science:[edit source]

suggested panels/workshops/bofs:

  • WM research - many angles that could be taken. (for instance: 1) research using wp content. 2) research and dev related to wikimedia/mediawiki. 3) research (social science, stats) on wikimedia content)

Presentation ideas:

  • reputation and identity

Specific people:

  • Jenny Preece
  • Judith donath
  • Barry Wellman?
  • Danah Boyd
  • Amy Bruckman
  • Siobhan O'Mahony
  • history flow (also tech, above)

law and policy:[edit source]

suggested panels:

  • licenses/licensing
  • arbcom (already proposed)
  • policy panel (maybe more than one): how policies are created, scalability of policies, legal policy-creation precedents; implementing policy that protects community from external law; how policies change across projects/langs; ("policies on the projects", in general)
  • policy panel including people from other online communities w/ policies, e.g. LJ, others?
  • userboxen? (or some other big controversy, if we can get both sides to be represented)

presentation ideas:

  • all were panels

specific people:

  • lessig
  • moglen
  • zittrain
  • fisher
  • benkler
  • community legal people

art, music & misc:[edit source]


  • visualizations
  • short docs
  • music : brazilian new wave; advice from gilberto gil

specific people:

  • Sadofsky
  • Rory O'Connor (wp documentary)
  • more from commons.wikimedia

Media contest:

  • need to get someone to organize this/start publicizing it now (get in touch with commons)
  • awards convocation, &c; judges (and celeb judges)