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  • Jessamyn (ref-desk, other)
  • Shanel (planning, media, community, other) volunteer from afar
  • Mindspillage: (on-site miscellany, session transcripts)
  • Zanimum (design, Media & publicity) will volunteer from a far, will likely not be able to attend
  • Robhoitt: (design, various gruntwork) If you need some promotional materials, I can help design it and get it produced.
  • , (design, sound/lighting, PR)
  • Mysekurity (design, community, ref desk, social, camb)
  • Dpalma01: planning, contests, social events, travel advice
  • Brettstil (design, hacking days, s'lle)
  • Robhoitt: (design, various gruntwork, local) If you need some promotional materials, I can help design it and get it produced. (ok, I am redundant, but I'm keen to help...)
  • Betsythedevine (design, program, cambridge)
  • Betsy in NYC: press releases, announcements, blurbs, speeches if needed; very interested in being involved with any future Wiki fact-checking endeavor
  • Pingswept (media, community, local)
  • Christopher Parham (planning, media/publicity, camb)
  • Zachary (publicity/press, facilities)
    (RI) On-site technology and help; possible speaker
  • Aphaia: planning, community, program. on wikivacation during Jan. & Feb..
  • metametadata (program, other, local)
  • DanKeshet (local)
  • BCorr|Брайен (depends on needs and my availability, local)
  • Gozar (not sure yet, boston)
  • Wikipedius (maybe jack o' all trades/subject to workschedules, loc)
  • Olivia (planning, local)
  • jkb (local)
  • Satish:(technical, IT, financial, Boston, Planning)
  • Ann: (registering, Camb)
  • GChriss: Print Graphics, possible video recording, wherever helpful
  • Tlogmer: Web design and schwag
  • Vivek (wikipedia page) (Interested in Technical, Program, Swag, Design, Information, Other, Program and anywhere else I can be of help).
  • annemarie: (local, swag, information, other)
  • Hybernaut: (local, live audio recording/streaming)
  • W:User:ArnoldReinhold: local Cambridge