2019:Advocacy/Turning armchair advocates into global leaders: Tools for developing introspection and empathy

From Wikimania

In a digital age, it is easy to forget that the words on a webpage may have been written by someone with a vastly different background than you. Many armchair advocates care, but lack the cognitive tools with which to be introspective and understand the position from which others may be speaking. In an increasingly intersectional and digital society it can be easy for some to forget what is obvious to others. This creates miscommunication, allows strong arguments to loose their force across screens, and deepens small divides into seemingly insurmountable ones.

People care, but they often lack the tools to effectively communicate across identity differences. By utilizing introspection and MENTAL HEALTH PRACTICES advocates can increase empathy and understanding, turning armchair advocates into better listeners, more critical thinkers, and true powers in the field of advocacy.