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This email went out to hackathon participants on 13 August

Welcome to Stockholm!

The hackathon opening session will be starting at 9:30am in the Aula Magna main auditorium (Murad/Arnold). on Wednesday morning. You are welcome to show up any time after 8am to register (coffee at 8, hang out in the auditorium, familiarize with the spaces).

Please read this email so you are prepared for tomorrow and don’t miss out on anything!

Check out our hackathon navigation page that will help you find your way around our venues.

Hackathon Opening / First Day

  • Flowchart to help you navigate your first day at the hackathon!
  • The hackathon opening (9:30-10:30am) will orient you to the hackathon, it’s programs and focus areas. Participants who have newcomer friendly projects or who are looking for collaborators will have a chance to spend 30-90 seconds telling you about their project during our “open mic”.
  • The group photo will take place in the auditorium just after the hackathon opening approximately around 10:30am when the opening ends.
  • Directly after the opening newcomers, people looking for help finding a project or mentor and mentors will have programming for the rest of the morning. Mentors will go to the poster creation session in Aula Magna breakout room 4: Kungstenen with Johan and everyone looking for an orientation to our technical spaces and/or who would like some help finding a project or a mentor should join Srishti and Tonina in Juristernas Hus breakout room 1: Wallenbergssalen.
  • Make sure you are connecting with other participants on IRC and Telegram: https://wikimania.wikimedia.org/wiki/2019:Hackathon#Communicate

Seasons and Scheduling

Volunteering at the Hackathon

  • We are all working together to make this event successful! We have groups for mentoring, supporting newcomers, taking event photos, help desk and more! https://wikimania2018.wikimedia.org/wiki/Hackathon#Volunteering_at_the_Hackathon

Other details

  • Focus area reminder! GLAM and Small Wiki Toolkits! Check them out!
  • During the main Wikimania Conference all registered attendees of the hackathon will have access to two working rooms
    • During the day on the university campus you can hack and work in Juristernas Hus upstairs breakout room
    • During the night between Wednesday - Saturday you can join us at the Clarion hotel for night hacking.
    • The Clarion Hotel Lobby is a good place for all participants who still want to work on Sunday night.
    • Location & navigation details here
  • As a reminder, all participants of the hackathon are agreeing to follow the Friendly Space Policy and the Code of Conduct. Please make sure you are familiar with both before the event starts. Please contact our Friendly Space Team if you have any questions or have anything to report. Friendly Space representatives will be wearing red bands around the event.
  • We welcome mid-event feedback on Phabricator. When possible we will try to make mid-event changes and improvements based on your feedback: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T230411

See you soon!

Rachel & Johan