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The Wikimania 2019 Hackathon in Stockholm, August 14–15, 2019, has Small Wiki Toolkits as one of its focus areas. Some activities of this focus area will also be conducted at the main Wikimania conference.

Location[edit | edit source]

Hackathon: upstairs in Juristernas hus

Wikimania: In Södra Huset (next to Wikidata - watch out for signs :-)

Overview[edit | edit source]

With this focus area, we hope to support wikis & their communities who don’t have many technical contributors and help to connect developers and editors. We want to enable more people in addressing their specific local use cases, technical needs and generally provide different language wikis and project communities a space to exchange on a wide variety of topics.

We hope that this is going to be a space to learn from each other, have fun, find support & give support!

Note: You can participate and contribute in following ways:

Work on a project with a focus on developing bots, tools, gadgets for a language wiki or project community.
Help translate or improve existing technical documentation, help pages, system messages & tools.
Contribute to toolkits development or learn or teach a topic in a session, workshop or the community booth.

Suggested topics for contribution[edit | edit source]

Here are some but not all ideas for topics for contributing to an activity (e.g., running a workshop or a  session, working on a project, offering technical support, etc.) relevant to this focus area:

The Wall of Love in Paris shows the phrase “I love you” in 250 languages of the world.
  • Enabling or developing user scripts and gadgets
  • Simple bots and tools
  • Introduction to Toolforge or Wikimedia Cloud Services
  • Internationalization & localization of software tools
  • Templates
  • Wikidata generated infoboxes
  • Enabling or develop small extensions
  • Using translate wiki, translate extension, etc
  • Running a technical workshop
  • Task management in Phabricator

Developing workshop toolkits[edit | edit source]

Through this focus area, we want to experiment with developing toolkits. If you are planning to run a workshop or develop a toolkit at the Hackathon, we would like to encourage you to follow these guidelines around developing, documenting, and promoting the toolkits:

  • Document all toolkits in one and easy-to-discover place. Some recommended venues:
    • Upload your toolkit with detailed notes on Wikimedia Commons & add the Small wiki toolkits category. In the File Description, add a link to the PDF source if you are willing to let a potential trainer make a copy and modifications to the source. See for reference, the description section of these slides on Wikimedia Commons.
    • Link to the source (e.g., Google Slides) and PDF version (e.g., Wikimedia Commons) of your toolkit from the Github repository small-wiki-toolkits. This repository will be moved under Wikimedia account once we have ~4-5 toolkits. The idea behind linking these materials from Github is for potential trainers to discuss and receive improvements on them.

Note: You can find a complete list of work in progress and planned activities for the Wikimania Hackathon on the Phabricator workboard.

Community booth at Wikimania[edit | edit source]

There will be a "booth" & meeting space for continuing discussions related to the small-wiki-toolkits focus area, in Södra Huset (watch out for signs!).

Note: Add your name below to offer technical support or if you plan to be around at a certain time to discuss topics related to this focus area!

Friday 16 August 9–10 Srishti, Birgit et al. Getting settled in (hang up timetable, signs with directions, check power supply ...)
10–11 Wikimania main program: Welcome Session
13–14 Wikimania main program session: Building Technical Capacity in Smaller Wikis
14–15 Birgit et al. Continue discussions on topics from the Building Technical Capacity in Smaller Wikis session (probably from 14:10 on)
15–16 Wikimania main program session: An introduction to Phabricator, where the developers are
Saturday 17 August 9–10
10–11 Cloud Services team Ask us anything about using Toolforge, CloudVPS, Web hosting, Dumps / databases.
13–14 Andre Meet and greet that "aklapper" bot in Phabricator
14:30–15:00 Wikimania main program session: Wikidata Infoboxes
15–16 Ladsgroup Using TemplateStyles to improve performance of your wiki
16–17 Wikimania main program session: Coolest Tool Award 2019
Sunday 18 August 9–10
10–11 Wikimania main program session: Developing community norms for critical bots and tools
11–12 Cloud Services team Ask us anything about using Toolforge, CloudVPS, Web hosting, Dumps / databases. (starting at 11:10)
14:30–15:30 Wikimania main program session: Hackathon Showcase

Problem & solution matching[edit | edit source]

Note: This section intends to help people to discuss solutions to their problems with each other in advance or during Wikimania. Introduce your problem or offer to help provide a solution below. Make sure to sign your edit or add your contact information (Wiki/Phabricator username, etc.).

(e.g., I would like to learn the process of enabling a Gadget on MediaWiki.org. ~~~ ) (e.g., I am quite familiar with the process and can help. Let's chat at Wikimania :) ~~~)
(e.g., Our Chinese Wikisource community would like to develop a tool to collect Wikisource ProofreadPage Statistics. Are there any communities that have built a similar tool that can benefit us? ~~~ ) (e.g., We developed a statistics tool for Indic Wikisource community. I would be happy to share with you more about this tool, the implementation approach we took, and how you can make use of it. ~~~ )

Related sessions at Wikimania[edit | edit source]

Accepted Wikimania sessions related to this focus area:

Interested participants[edit | edit source]

Add your name/signature below (using three tildes: ~~~)