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This is a list of participants from the Wikimania Hackathon 2019 in Stockholm.

These responses were collected in the registration form and people were given the chance to opt out of being on this list or answering any of the questions. Please edit your own response however you like.

Participants who registered by August 1 have been added to this list. If you registered after that point you are not yet on the list. We will do one more addition of participants a few days just before Wikimania.

Please write the name or username that you would like to be published on the event's mediawiki.org participants listing. Please write "DO NOT PUBLISH" if you do not want to appear on the participants page. What should others ask you about? Example: structured metadata, machine learning, caching, honeybees, etc. This will be added to the event's mediawiki participants page; please write "DO NOT PUBLISH" if you do not want this information on the event page. What do you plan to work on at the hackathon? What would you like help with? What would you like to learn about? This will be added to the event's mediawiki participants page; write "DO NOT PUBLISH" if you do no want this information on the event page. How can participants in the Technical Conference contact you? This will be added to the event's mediawiki participants page, please write DO NOT PUBLISH if you don't want this information on the event page.
Alex Monk Cloud VPS, acme-chief

Basic Wikimedia technical things - use of MediaWiki, Gerrit, etc.

I haven't really decided yet but I'll probably work on a project around the area of TLS or Puppet, or maybe some other Cloud VPS/Traffic infrastructure project.

At my last hackathon (Barcelona) I developed what is now known as acme-chief, which is now in use in production and responsible for acquiring and distributing most miscellaneous TLS certificates.

IRC, Telegram
01tonythomas Tool labs, Python, Newsletters My tool to upload photos from Google Drive to Wikimedia Commons telegram: tonythomas01
1Veertje Wikimedia Commons, wikidata, Wiki Loves Monuments, Open Refine Further develop the Orator Matcher

Data cleanup

User talk page
a_ka_es OpenRefine, data cleaning d:Wikidata:WikiProject_every_politician/Germany


Telegram or Signal
Abbe98 GLAM / SDC / Maps - m:User_talk:Abbe98
Abdul Wadood Kiwix Kiwix contact@kiwix.org
Abián Wikidata, innovation, data quality, data management, vandalism, MW templates, CSS, SPARQL Work on and help with Wikidata, learn about Structured Data on Commons On Wikimedia, User:Abián; on Twitter and Telegram, @abiatus
Abraham Taherivand abraham.taherivand@wikimedia.de
Adam Soroka (Smithsonian Institution)
aezell Partial Blocks, Event Metrics, SVG Translate Discoverability of related content aezell on IRC
Ainali Food on Wikidata Wikidata Menu Challenge User page
Alex Hollender (WMF) Design of Wikipedia on mobile and desktop - potential hackathon project: a gadget or extension that creates an image gallery at the top of articles

- provide design guidance and support to anyone who would like it - discuss and conduct research around the upcoming "Desktop refresh" project that I will be working on at the WMF

Email or Google Hangouts/Chat, ahollender@wikimedia.org
Alicia Fagerving Wikidata, SPARQL, OpenRefine GLAM-related data on Wikidata alicia.fagerving@wikimedia.se
Ambady Anand Sivasankaran Local community outreach, free software activism Mediawiki API, Wikidata tools ambadyanands@disroot.org
Amir E. Aharoni translation, localization, internationalization I'd like to listen to people who know different languages, understand the bugs that get in the way of contributing to Wikimedia projects, document these bugs, and try to fix some. talk page, Twitter @aharoni, Telegram @amire80
Ammarpad I am a newcomer. So need learn more first Pywikibot and also learn many new things Talkpage, onwiki email
andrawaag ShEx, WikidataIntegrator, Gene Wiki ShEx by email
André Costa Wikispeech, batch uploads etc. andre.costa@wikimedia.se
Andre Klapper Phabricator; Technical community metrics; Ggeneral technical help Support smaller communities in technical areas; introduction session to the Phabricator project management tool; introduction session on technical community metrics See m:User:AKlapper_(WMF) for ways to contact me
andrewbogott Cloud VPS, toolforge I'll be available to answer questions, create accounts, and provide support for WMCS users. email or #wikimedia-cloud on IRC
Ankry internationalization via wiki talk page
Anne-LaureM Glam, translation, communities, inclusivity, crochet/yarn, board games plushies and beer I want to work on Mortar and glam subjects but feel free to propose me other ideas. Telegram (@Sinkra) or mail
anntinomy ready to join workshops where hands of non-programmer/developer may be useful Twitter @anntinomy
Anusha Alikhan aalikhan@wikimedia.org
Arturo Borrero Gonzalez Toolforge / Wikimedia Cloud Services Toolforge / Wikimedia Cloud Services aborrero@wikimedia.org
Atudu structured metadata As am I a newcomer, and wish to learn about new things. through email id
Audrey Lebioda
awight WMDE Technical Wishes Technical Wishes; Quibble; ORES adam.wight@wikimedia.de
Base templates, interface, translations, bots, tools MediaWiki extensions, Toolforge tools, bots m:User talk:Base or t.me/Thecladis
BDavis (WMF) Cloud Services, Cloud VPS, Toolforge, Phabricator, Gerrit, MediaWiki-Vagrant irc:bd808
Beat Estermann GLAM, performing arts, Wikidata, base registers / authority files Wikidata Sum of All GLAMs project - expansion to Performing Arts Email, Facebook, or Whats App I guess...
Benoît Evellin - user:Trizek (WMF) Tools easing newcomers first steps, powering-up your wiki and talk pages improvements. Also documentation and i18n. Engage on all topics I've listed. And beyond! user:Trizek (WMF)
Bert Spaan Cartography, linked data, data visualization, JavaScript Structured metadata for (historical) maps hello@bertspaan.nl
Biplab Anand how to create a phabricator task I would like to learn about patch
Birgit Müller phab:T221394 phab:T221394, connect people with problems to people who can help, probably workshop on how to run a workshop/session Email, Wiki, #wmhack
Bobby Shabangu
Bodhisattwa Wikisource
C. Scott Ananian (User:cscott) Machine Translation, Wikitext Parsing, W3C Annotations, Real-time Collaboration Helping others! cananian@wikimedia.org
Camelia Boban (User:Camelia.boban) Gender gap WikiEdu Dashboard on my user page
Celestinesucess not sure yet via email(celestinesucess@gmail.com)
Chaoyuel liuchaoyue1990@gmail.com
Cirdan Machine Learning, Bug Reporting, InternetArchiveBot, Collaborative Software Development phab:p/Cirdan
Claudia Müller-Birn Wikidata, data quality, bots
CMadeo (WMF) Design, Wikipedia iOS app, sewing Improving editing features on the iOS Wikipedia app, Expanding support for iPad, usability testing of the editing features currently available on the iOS app. cmadeo@wikimedia.org
Cyberpower678 My current focus is general bot work and IABot. If anybody has a few minutes/hours to spare, I would love to knock out my backlog of Phabricator tickets. maximilian.doerr@gmail.com
Coenraad (Dagelf) UI Design, IoT, Hardware, Firmware, C, Ruby, Python, JS Hackathon focus is to work on DVB driver to encode and decode Kiwix for terrestial TV broadcast of data. I will also have some Raspberry Pi's and Software Radios to test on, but you can also use your own PC.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to learn about it, or help, please add your name here: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T229720

Also if you have an RTL-SDR or such, please bring it!


Whatsapp/Telegram/Phone +27737721223

DanielleJWiki GLAM collections on Commons and Wikidata Bringing GLAM collections of the Dutch Caribbean to Commons and Wikidata or small language wikipedias and their technical challenges danielle@wikimedia.nl
Danny Horn, DannyH_(WMF) talk pages Ping me on-wiki
debt anything about the Wikimedia Foundation Technology Department deb@wikimedia.org
DerHexer Steward tools; global administration derhexer@wikipedia.de
Diego (WMF) Machine learning, AI, deep learning, NLP section and templates translation dsaez @ irc
Diversity Wiki TechStorm


Learn more Wikidata, Sparql.


econterms machine learning (aka statistical learning) Wikidata Wikiproject Patents; Wikisource email user:econterms
Ed Sanders VisualEditor, OOUI User:ESanders (WMF)
Effeietsanders/Lodewijk voting/wiki loves monuments voting/wiki loves monuments my username at gmail.com
Elena Aleynikova Wikidata
Emmanuel Engelhart Kiwix Kiwix contact@kiwix.org
Envlh * Wikidata, SPARQL, ...
  • DBMS
  • Dataiku DSS
Will work on a tool about video games.

Want to learn about Wikibase.

eranroz bots, machine learning, wikidata, RTL Planing to work on mediawiki and extensions. I would like to learn about CirrusSearch talk page
Erika Bjune VR/AR, aquaponics, agricultural automation Diversity Visualizer: (1) Pulling data sets from Wikidata, (2) doing some analysis and (3) visualizing the results using fetched images from commons that meet certain criteria (4) laid out in a grid. IRC: erikab
Eugene233 structured metadata, Extensions, Community building, Web APIs, Wikidata, Tools, Wikimedia cloud I will be working on the projects I support which are FormWIzard Extension, WikiSpeech Extension, ISA_Tool IRC, email
Farhad Kurdî Whatsapp +964 751 113 1994
Florent Kaisser Kiwix Kiwix contact@kiwix.org
fnielsen Structured data Scholia fnielsen
Frimelle Multilinguality, Linked data, Wikidata, ArticlePlaceholder, Scribe I want to enhance new editors experience with a new tool. Scribe will help structuring articles and finding references. I would like to work on the technical aspects of this project. mail: lucie.kaffee@gmail.com twitter/telegram: @frimelle
Fuzheado GLAM, art metadata, Wikidata GLAM workflows, Wikidata game, AI/ML andrew.lih@gmail.com
GerardM structured metadata Wikidata tools that complement the ones I use I have a mobile phone / whatsap
Gergő Tisza MediaWiki, OAuth, Matrix, movement strategy 2030 Some projects I might work on: m:Matrix.org, phab:T187749

Also, you can talk to me about movement strategy for products & technology - m:Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2018-20/Working_Groups/Product_&_Technology

See mw:User:Tgr_(WMF)
Giovanna Fontenelle (GiFontenelle) giofontenelle@gmail.com
Greta - User:Margott Query Service, quick statement phab:T215409
hadyelsahar meachine learning enhancing editor's experience through our Wikimedia funded project Scribe: m:Grants:Project/Frimelle_and_Hadyelsahar/Scribe:_Supporting_Under-resourced_Wikipedia_Editors_in_Creating_New_Articles
Hanna Petruschat (WMDE) UX Design, Wikidata, mobile Usage Improving the Usability and usefulness of Wikidata hanna.petruschat@wikimedia.de
Harmonia Amanda SPARQL, ontologies, figure skating I've some tools that I want to make better but I hope to work on some before then so no definite list at this point user page on Wikidata or Telegram
HDothiduc (WMF) design, front-end development hang@wikimedia.org
m:User:Isaac_(WMF) research, machine learning, geography, fairness isaac@wikimedia.org
mw:User:Märt Põder History of philosophy, virtue ethics https://github.com/wikimediaeesti/vagavesi w:et:Kasutaja:Märt Põder#Kontaktid
Isaac Hutt Kiwix-Android Kiwix contact@kiwix.org
Jakub Klímek structured data, Wikidata Wikidata ETL pipelines jakub@jakubklimek.com
James D. Forrester deployment, testing, code quality and health, reliability, performance Helping people IRC: James_F
Jay Prakash UserScript

Tool development and deployment

Indic Userscipts and Tools IRC, Email and Talk Page
Jason Evans Wikidata, Commons, GLAM Data round tripping, mass upload techniques ect en:User_talk:jason.nlw or @Wiki_NLW on Twitter
Jens Ohlig (WMDE) Wikibase,

data partnerships


data partnerships

Jess Klein editing, design, augmentation, testing, research, tinkering Editing Wikipediaa on Mobile and On-Wiki Communication @iamjessklein on twitter
jgleeson WMF Fundraising tech anything that needs people! jgleeson@wikimedia.org
Jheald Wikidata, WDQS, structured data, OpenRefine, data matching, collection uploads Interested in working on data matching and tools and scripts for supporting Glam content and metadata contributions Twitter: @heald_j / wiki: User:Jheald / email: jpm.heald@gmail.com
Jitrixis javascript, gadgets wikidata-gadgets d:User_talk:Jitrixis
jjanhone Wikimania communication I want to learn about cool stuff that could be shared on Wikimania's social media accounts I'm @jjanhone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Wikimedia
Johan (WMF) Tech News I'll be helping out with organising the thing! johan@wikimedia.org
Johanna Strodt (WMDE) Technical Wishes, communication I'm planning to discuss with people how they are using the features built by the Technical Wishes project, and also discuss upcoming features.


Jon Harald Søby Language support Language support in Wikidata/Commons jhsoby@wikimedia.no
Jon Katz WMF roadmap I'd like to learn about gaps in the product that people are interested in filling. jkatz[at]wikimedia.org
Joseph Reeve Mediawiki Offliner Mediawiki Offliner contact@kiwix.org
JSutherland (WMF) event safety, Trust and Safety work Media reports tool, documentation In person, jsutherland[at]wikimedia.org
Jtuom structured discussion, argumentation, policy support, R models in MediaWiki discussion tools for structured argumentation User:Jtuom
Julian Harty Kiwix Kiwix contact@kiwix.org
Kaethe17 html, css, usability, translation (english to german) I can help with:

- usability and design of the wikimedia projects. I have html, css and usability-skills

- translation english to german

I would like to learn:

- lots

Kaldari spiders, iNaturalist, Wikimedia Commons, copyright I might work on a gadget to import free license images from iNaturalist to Wikimedia Commons or I might collaborate on someone else's project if something sounds interesting.
Krinkle MediaWiki core, Web Performance, Architecture, Edit Patrolling, CI, Toolforge, Gadgets. -
KuboF Hromoslav interface translation, templates, basics of pywikibot possible areas: interface translation, adaptation of local wiki for ContentTranslation, automation using pywikibot, gadgets, integration of data from Wikidata into local wiki email (send from wiki interface), Telegram (I am in the Wikimania group)
Kulttuurinavigaattori public art I would like to work with moving the public art lists from Wikipedia to Wikidata and helping with Helsinki rephotography project. metawiki talk page
LA2 Wiktionary, Wikisource, Project Runeberg Wiktionary user:LA2
Ladsgroup mediawiki, wikidata, pywikibot Improve mediawiki core email:amir.sarabadani@wikimedia.de
Lea Lacroix (WMDE) Wikidata Wikidata email: lea.lacroix@wikimedia.de / Telegram @Auregann
Liang (Taiwan) Structured metadata I would like to learn more about Wikidata tools and other report related tools such as Outreach Dashboard and Grant Metrics contact me on phabricator
Lionel Scheepmans Wikiversity First, I want to fix different issues regarding fr.wikiversity
After I would like to situate current skills on HTML 5, CSS, JavaSript, PHP, than I recently acquired.
email or user talk page
Liridon Don't know yet the projects that will be there in need for help, but yes, I'm open to help technically, with translations or other forms that are needed. Talk page
Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service / SPARQL, Wikimedia Toolforge, Python I’ll probably work on something related to Wikidata or Structured Data on Commons, though I don’t have any concrete plans yet. I would like to learn more about WMSE’s recent work. Lucas_WMDE or lucaswerkmeister on IRC, Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) on-wiki, @LucasWerkmeistr on Twitter
Lydia Hamilton lhamilton@wikimedia.org
Lydia Pintscher Wikidata and Wikibase Wikidata and Wikibase Telegram
Lyokoï LUA project on french Wiktionary
LZia_(WMF) machine learning, analysis of large data-sets, clustering, recommendation systems, research at Wikimedia, turning challenges to research questions m:User_talk:LZia_(WMF)
Maarten Dammers / User:Multichill Why did you pay $100 to attend this event? Something interesting. Probably related to Wikidata, structured data on Commons, bots and GLAMs. My user talk pages on the Wiki seem to work. Email, chat and social media work too.
mahveotm machine learning Plan to work on pywikibot and any python related area. marv@mahveo.me
Marios Magioladitis AutoWikiBrowser Email: magioladitis@gmail.com
Märt Häkkinen front-end Probably will be working on connecting Ajapaik (and rephotographs) to Wikidata, Commons, working on Mediawiki authentication etc. Also interested in machine learning and analysis of visual content. Telegram
Martin Kraft UX, Design, CSS, photography General Uploader for WLM-Germany

WLM-Landingpage PanoViewer

@martin_kraft (Twitter), Martin Kraft (WikiUser)
Martin Urbanec standalone tools martin.urbanec@wikimedia.cz
Masssly Incubating Local Languages Wikimania Hackathon Focus Area: Small Wiki Toolkits Wikipedia Email
Matt Miller structured metadata, GLAM metadata Enriching structured data on Commons for Library of Congress resources. Reusable approaches for using library (GLAM) metadata for Commons resources. mattmiller@loc.gov
Matthias Mullie Structured Data on Commons


Structured Data on Commons matthiasmullie on freenode
Matthieu Kiwix-lib, Kiwix-tools Kiwix contact@kiwix.org
Maximilian Marx (User:Akorenchkin) rule-based knowledge representation, logical reasoning, rule mining, SPARQL I plan to mostly focus on the rewrite of SQID, but am open to help with other interesting tools around Wikidata. mail: maximilian.marx@tu-dresden.de / twitter: @korenchkin
maxlath inventaire.io / WikidataJS - help others to use WikidataJS tools: wikidata-sdk, wikidata-edit, wikidata-cli, wikidata-filter

- help others getting familiar with inventaire.io technical setup, data models, and APIs - work on Wikidata Entities Schema to model books

maxlath on WM, IRC, Mastodon, Twitter, Telegram
MB-one user's perspective on structured data making structured data tangible for non-tech users Wiki discussions or Wikimail
MBinder (WMF) Phabricator, Agile development practices, communication, good/best practices mbinder@wikimedia.org
Mike Peel Wikidata infoboxes, Commons, bot editing Working on integration of Wikidata into the other Wikimedia projects, and bot development for wikidata/commons/elsewhere. c:User_talk:Mike_Peel
Miriam Machine learning, basic Sparql, research, computer vision I'd like to work on computer vision for Commons, and learn how Research can better support community members. Miriam on IRC hi
mmarble phishing and my pet bird :D IRC
MMiller (WMF) New editors I want to work with anyone who is interested in software that helps new editors join and stay on our wikis. I can help with project ideas, designs, background knowledge, or specifications mmiller@wikimedia.org
Monica Pinedo Bajo (WMDE) Anything you want. If I don't know the answer I might know who has it or we can look it up together =) Not sure about this yet. Probably Wikidata related project. Via the Telegram or Signal event group.
Nicolas Nallet (Wiki Valley) MediaWiki Consulting job opportunities

Semantic MediaWiki

AccessControl extensions and WikiBase installation and configuration documentation. mw:Special:EmailUser/Nicolas_NALLET
Niharika Kohli Community Wishlist Niharika on #wmhack; @niharikakohli29 on Twitter
Nikerabbit translation tools, language support Are you a translator or translation admin? Tell me about bugs and wishes you have with translation tools. Are you a developer? I can help you to make your software usable in many languages. Nikerabbit on IRC and Telegram
Notconfusing newcomers, gender bias data, machine learning I would like to a) lend my expertise to help with data-tools that need to be built (knowledgeable in Wikimedia data sources, and tool stack) and fallback to b) improve my tool whgi.wmflabs.org .
OlafJanssen Wikidata, Wikibase, SPARQL, OpenRefine, Python programming (basic) During the hackathon I'm planning to work on progressing my Wikidata project on public libraries in The Netherlands - d:Wikidata:WikiProject_Netherlands_Public_Libraries Telegram, talk page, email, whatsapp
OsamaK Python. Django. Wikidata / WikiProject Medicine osamak@gnu.org
OVasileva (WMF) Product

Editing on mobile

Testing advanced mobile contributions with attendees, helping with projects that might need product help/ideas/opinions olga@wikimedia.org
PatriHorrillo I would like to be able to analyse biographies by profession and gender to study the representation of women in Wikidata and Wikipedia. info@wikiesfera.org
Pcgomes I plan to work with automatic translation of structured data. Wikidata Infoboxes is likely to be my goal. pcgomes@gmail.com
Peter Hedenskog Performance
Peter Isotalo Wikisource-related tools
Petr Škoda skodapetr@gmail.com
Pharos Sum of All Paintings, structured data on commons, GLAM, tools for offline community organizing tools for offline community organizing, Wikidata tools pharosofalexandria@gmail.com
PierreSelim Structured metadata Wiki talk page
PPelberg_(WMF) Editing, Talk Pages, running, coffee ppelberg@wikimedia.org
Puik structured metadata, machine learning on visual content Learn about: Structured data on Commons, Wikidata via Signal, Telegram
Quiddity Documentation
Rachel Farrand Wikimedia events I am the event manager and main organizer! Please find me at the technical help desk during the hackathon and I can help you with whatever you need! rfarrand @ wikimedia.org / rfarrand on IRC
Raja Gumienny UX Design Imroving the user experience / usability, learn who is working on what Raja Gumienny (WMDE)
ranjithsiji Structured metadata is a set of data that can do magic, save lives, better the environment etc. It is on of the essential requierement for better AI I would like to develop some tools to get statistics from wiki pages. Develop some small apps to edit data on mobile. Develop some small utilities to convert data. m:User:Ranjithsiji, email: ranjith dot sajeev at gmail dot com
Renaud Gaudin Kiwix Kiwix reg@kiwix.org
revi User talk:-revi
RHo (WMF) UX Design

Wikipedia Mobile Apps Wikipedia Mobile editing

Roan Kattouw ResourceLoader, Notifications (Echo), frontend development in MediaWiki in general I will probably continue work on my push notifications patch, making the code more robust, improving the UI, and adding infrastructural support for service workers to MediaWiki core. If anyone want to collaborate on this that would be great! RoanKattouw on freenode IRC; roan.kattouw@gmail.com
RonnieV Automating Wikipedia, Wiki Techstorm ORES on nl-wiki, whatever comes up RonnieV@wikimedia.nl
Runab_WMF Language and New Readers Language and New Readers
Ruslan Templates Nothing specific By e-mail or Telegram messenger (@thailover)
Sam Reed MediaWiki, Wikimedia Tech Mostly mentoring/enabling people reedy@wikimedia.org
Samwalton9 Citations, The Wikipedia Library Citation tools and data Wiki talk page
SandraF (WMF) GLAM and Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons GLAM-related tasks, tools and projects around Structured Data on Commons sfauconnier@wikimedia.org
Sebastian Berlin (WMSE)
Sebastian Wallroth podcasting, wikidata meetups wikiyrillom.at https://twitter.com/real68er
SGill (WMF) SDOC and Wikisource Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata integration sgill@wikimedia.org
Siddharth Sharma Kiwix Kiwix-Android contact@kiwix.org
Siebrand Mazeland Internationalisation, localisation translatewiki.net, MediaWiki i18n telegram.me/siebrand
simon04 locator-tool, coordinates, maps, structured data on commons locator-tool, coordinates, maps, structured data on commons
Sjoerddebruin Wikidata, craft beer Improving and making new Wikidata gadgets Telegram
Skalman Cross-wiki gadgets, Javascript, CSS Cross-wiki Wiktionary translation editor
Sparrow (麻雀)
Spencer Graves (DavidMCEddy) R (programming language). statistical methods, Wikipedia, Wikiversity, Wikinews, Wikimedia Commons, Wikiquote; I've used Wikidata fairly extensively for ~10 months, but I'm far from expert. Improving the use of Wikidata in different Wikimedia projects plus learning how to use Wikidata for collaborative / crowdsourced research email spencer.graves@effectivedefense.org
SPQRobin e-mail
Srishti Sethi (srishakatux) Developer outreach
SSastry (WMF) Parsoid, Linter No specific plans quite yet. IRC, Email.
Stryn If anyone needs help translating something to Finnish, just ask me. I like also testing some tools on Wikimedia projects, and when I find bugs I will report them. strynwiki@gmail.com
Sumitsurai Wikidata Wikidata import Talk page
Susanna Ånäs historical maps, structured metadata, a bit of wikibase and API use, GLAM hackathons, Saami languages in Wikimedia I am willing to organise GLAM program that connects developers, GLAM coordinators and GLAM representatives. Additionally or alternatively I will invite people to work together on the Wikidocumentaries platform. Telegram, Twitter: susannaanas
Tchanders Anti-harassment, blocking, OOUI
Tim Moody Internet in a Box Internet in a Box
Timid Robot Creative Commons, Python TBD timid@creativecommons.org
Tonina Zhelyazkova Software Development, Technical Wishes, Front End Development, JavaScript, OOUI, Agile Probably Technical Wishes related project. Via the Telegram or Signal event group.
Travis Briggs Kiwix Kiwix contact@kiwix.org
TuukkaH Linked Open Data, GraphQL, MQTT, Wikidocumentaries I work on a project about semi-structured argumentation and would like to learn how to best integrate it with the Wikimedia ecosystem. Telegram / Wikibase Community User Group
Urjanhai Historical maps of Finland, historical GIS, local history in Finland, geography of Finland Special:EmailUser/Urjanhai
User:Icem4k Machine learning. Icem4k@gmail.com
User:Islahaddow the ISA tool the ISA tool; offline editing solutions isla@wikiinafrica.org
User:Lahi Introducing Wikidata to public institutions Learning track. Understanding phabricator workflow, Tools (wikiwhatsappbot) Telegram: @cachosagan
User:MartinPoulter SPARQL GLAM-related SPARQL queries Telegram @mlpoulter
User:NahidSultan nahid.sultan@hotmail.com
User:RexxS Scribunto Modules; Wikibase Client in Scribunto Working on Scribunto Modules Note at w:en:User_talk:RexxS
User:Robby citoid on lb.wikipedia.org
User:TheDJ Accessibility, video @dj_hartman
User:Vysotsky Copyright
User:Wuselig - Rainer Halama Wikidata or Structured Commons? Where should I concentrate and why? Structured Commons; Wikidata and GLAM; How can Craddle be improved? rainerhalama@aol.com
user:Ата How to use translatewiki.net, MediaWiki translate extension I plan to work at the translation corner and would like to take part in templates workshops and get to know more about Wikidata generated infoboxes User talk:Ата
user:VIGNERON Wikisource and Wikidata Wikidata Lexemes wikimedia userpage, twitter @belett, mail, etc.
Volker E. Accessibility, design, user experience, Design Style Guide Volker_E on IRC
Wikilover90 I would like to learn advance tools and techniques to integrate the data in Wikisource and Wikidata ons3112@gmail.com
XanonymusX JavaScript tools
Yug audio recording, languages learning LinguaLibre.fr wordlist hugo.lpz@gmail.com
Yupik languages, sami, translations wikidata in se.wikipedia.org, Wikidata minority language support en.wikipedia.org talk page
Zache Wikidata, Flagged revisions, Wikipedia infoboxes I am planning to work with Ajapaik wikidata integration meta talk page / wikimedia email
Mahuton Mediawiki, incubated Fon Wikipedia, LinguaLibre Working on Mortar tool, Optimizing LinguaLibre UI, Translating for the incubated Fon Wikipedia interface bpossoupe@gmail.com