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2019:Meetups/Extremists Communication meetup

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In several corners of the world, extremists get elected into parliaments, which makes it more or less inevitable to ask ourselves: (How) Should we interact with elected extremist parliamentarians and authoritarian governments? Depending on the local or regional political situation, this can be a complex issue, maneuvering between normalisation of potentially toxic political ideologies and their validation as righteous rebellions.

This meetup is meant for in-depth discussion following the lightning talk Non-Partisan vs. Normalisation - Should we interact with elected extremists?. The idea is to give all of us an impression about the situation in other parts of the world, how others handle the issue and maybe document some key findings.

Everyone who ever encountered the above challenge in their daily advocacy work or just wants to know more is welcome to attend!

Meetup[edit | edit source]

Saturday, 17 August, 21:00 – 22:00 Central European Summer Time at Room Etta

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  • tbd, tentatively:
  • What is political extremism / a potenzially toxic ideology in the first place (for you)?
  • What encounters with extremists have been made by advocate Wikimedians?
  • ... and against what political background in the country in question?
  • Which effects of our ways of (non-)communication with extremists can we see / do we expect?
  • How does this relate to Wiki principles like NPOV and AGF?
  • Let's try a collection of universal Wikimedian values
  • What should our role be and are there best practices vis-a-vis extremists?

Interested Participants[edit | edit source]