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Teaching through images: Cantastoria of the 1356 Basel earthquake in Switzerland
Oral knowledge as a valuable and usable asset: Gumaro Núñez Miranda, "El Chivo de Panchimalco", a local storyteller of the Mexican village of Panchimalco, tells about the local festivities and traditions.
Teaching through multimedia: A play from the Ming dynasty is performed at the Shao opera in Shaoxing, China
Teaching through multimedia: Explaining the shortages in Venezuela with images, voice and sounds in a video
Passing traditional knowledge to the new generations: Yao boys from Malawi dressed for the ritual of initiation
Radio interviews in Wikipedia: Joan Francesc Mira biography by 2017, Catalan language.
A participant in the 4th Madonnari festival (street painting) in Guanajuato, Mexico, pains a reproduction of Eugène Delacroix self portrait in the floor.
Cultural mixup: A local artist painting a self painted French painter from the Romantism in Guanajuato, Mexico

Welcome to the landing page for the Multimedia knowledge Space at Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm!

Bienvenida a la página inicial del Espacio de Conocimiento Multimedia en Wikimania 2019 en Stockholm!

Short description[edit | edit source]

Free knowledge does not only use text as a medium but is increasingly shared in the form of graphics, photography, video and sound to name just a few. Especially minor languages profit a lot from non-written material, which helps to strengthen inclusivity and diversity and Wikimania should include a space to host multimedia content creators and curators. Possible topics for talks, workshops and meetings are photography and photo editing, use of video in Wiki projects, curation of media with structured data, oral knowledge collection and many more.

Relationship to the Sustainable Development Goals[edit | edit source]

The space topic corresponds especially to Goal 4: Quality Education as multimedia enables better education independent of specific languages. The space leaders are furthermore strongly committed to a policy that promotes Sustainable Development Goals 4, 10 and 12 and welcome any sessions, that connect the space topic with any other Sustainable Development Goals.

Location and program[edit | edit source]

Friday 13.00-14.30
RoomEbadi (Södrahuset D315)
Saturday 9.30-17.30
RoomStrickland (Södra Huset B315)
Sunday 9.30-15.30
RoomStrickland (Södra Huset B315)

Background[edit | edit source]

Topics[edit | edit source]

Topics proposer want[edit | edit source]

Examples of topics that should be covered/discussed/solved within the time of the space.
  • Oral knowledge recording
  • Using video to build knowledge
  • Photo walks
  • Portrait photography photo booth (drawing resources and knowledge from Wiki Loves Parliament)
  • Structured data for multimedia content
  • Glam space cooperation
  • Multisensorial content
  • Learning from Wiki loves … competitions
  • … Be creative!

Topics the community wants[edit | edit source]

Opening the floor for community to propose topics

Submissions and program[edit | edit source]

Submissions to the Multimedia Knowledge Space can be found at Category:2019:Multimedia submissions. Please express your interest in any of the program submissions by signing at the bottom of the submission page.

Discussion[edit | edit source]

2019 talk:Multimedia knowledge

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Documentation[edit | edit source]

Wikimania 2019 Multimedia knowledge space