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2019:Transcription/Wikisource Year in Review 2019

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SESSION SUMMARY[edit | edit source]

Copy of the notes from the Etherpad, taken by Bruno, VIGNERON, Peter Isotalo

I'm Jim H., from English Wikisource

Wikisource is multilingual, many lang (screen of the main


Indic languages are going strong !

Two step process but same trend for proofread and validated pages.

Screens copy from http://wikiscan.org/?menu=allsites&group=wikisource

Polish Wikisource, 3rd wikisource has "only" 49 users

Tamil Wikisource, 31 user, big recent spike

  • Indic WS stats

Growth statistic, shows punjabi show it's the In India, people shifted from translation on Wikipedia to transcribing on Wikisource. Texts on Wikisource which later can be used on Wikipedia. First Wikimedia in Residence in a private Penjabi school Gujarati wikisource does audiobooks. Lot of cool stories ! All with almost no support.

Creation of new wikisource, Neapolitan and Hindi being approved and waiting for creation. Neapolitan was created 2 days ago during the hackathon. 70 wikisource project (in theory).

Comparison and review to other plateform. Important to be connected to the wider community. Wikisource can be a service and a plateform for smaller GLAM.

What happened this year : workshops Celtic Knot conference, blogpost on WMF.

Statistics about consultation :

  • Bruno: what are people using Wikisource for?
  • Peter: very valid question, we should try to get surveys on usage done. (One way would be to ping the research groups, Leila was interrested)
  • Martin: Wikisource is an other level for newcomer, how can we improve that? (on the tech side) small improvement can make a big change.
  • Satdeep: yes, the centering button for example.

When we close the tech gap, we see a big take off, like the the indic languages showed!