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2019:Volunteer/Conference Heroes/Airport volunteers

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Summary of role[edit | edit source]

Welcoming attendees at Arlanda Airport. Answering questions such as how to get to the hotel.

We will have a small desk with a Wikipedia logo and a small sign which says Wikimania. It will be placed in Terminal 5, where we can welcome the attendees after they have exited customs.

Since we have a Wikipedia logo, we might be approached by interested people who are not at the airport because they are attending Wikimania. If you get questions about Wikipedia or Wikimedia you cannot answer, you can refer them to the present team leaders.

Getting to Arlanda Terminal 5[edit | edit source]

You can get to Arlanda with SL’s commuter trains. The stop is called Arlanda central. You will need to pay a special passage supplement fee to enter Arlanda if you arrive by train.

It is also possible to get to Arlanda by taking a bus from Märsta station. The stop is called Arlanda terminal 5. You will not need to pay the passage supplement fee to enter Arlanda if you arrive by bus.

Lunch and breaks[edit | edit source]

There will be two persons scheduled at Arlanda, so breaks for lunch and coffee can be coordinated between the two.

It’s possible to buy food at the Airport, e.g. in Sky City which is a short walk away.

There are public bathrooms at the airport.

Dress Code[edit | edit source]

If possible, wear your Wikimania volunteer t-shirt (Evelina will bring a some in size L).

Do I need to bring anything to Arlanda?


Cost for lunch and tickets

Save all receipts for lunch and dinner at Arlanda during your assigned hours and receipts for SL-tickets you need to buy to get there, and we will reimburse you.