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2019 talk:Technology outreach & innovation/An introduction to Phabricator, where the developers are

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Some notes
  • Phabricator is a task manager for bug reports, configuration change requests, and other formal task requests, used generally for WMF, chapter, and movement projects.
  • a project can have a workboard, which are shown as columns of little index cards on screen. Each care has a T number, that is a task humber, and brief title. A little image is shown if there is an assignee.
  • A chapter may use phabricator for its own tasks and to-do lists
  • "Priority" levels for a task, characterizing the urgency of getting it done, are: needs triage, lowest, low, normal, high, unbreak now
  • Login depends on one's Wikimedia login
  • For configuration change requests to an existing wiki (and I am thinking of the default new-user profile/preferences settings), one should get a consensus at Village Pump or someplace like that first, then
  • see mediawiki.org/wiki/Phabricator/Creating_and_renaming_projects
  • and https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requesting_wiki_configuration_changes