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This page is a translated version of the page 2021:Hackathon/Showcase and the translation is 29% complete.
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The hackathon showcase is a gathering where everyone has the opportunity to present what they have been working on. I tio̍h-beh teh Wikimania ê tē 5 kang, lé-pài-jī, 8-gue̍h 17-ji̍t, tī 15:00 UTC. (Liân-kiat ē-tàng sú-iōng ê sî-tsūn lâi thinn-ka)

The online showcase consists in a live session that will be streamed online, accessible to all Wikimania participants and publicly, and recorded. As a presenter, you will have 4 minutes to present your project. You are welcome to share your screen, a demo video. Your voice will be recorded but showing your face on camera is not mandatory. Presentations and moderation take place in English. There will be no live Q&A on stage, but people can ask questions in the chat.

The showcase has 20 slots of 4 minutes per project. The organizers may need to select projects if more than 20 are proposed. Registration for the showcase is possible until August 16th at 15:00 UTC, by filling in a form (see instructions below). If you cannot or do not want to present during the showcase, but still want to let others know about your project, feel free to add it in the "Other projects of the hackathon" section below.

Tián-sī-siunn tsù-tsheh

Please make sure that you read the information below before submitting the form:

  • The hackathon showcase is taking place on August 17th from 15:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC. As it is live, you will need to be available at that time. You will receive a link shortly before the session, and we will ask you to join 15 min before the start.
  • The hackathon showcase will be recorded and streamed. You will have the possibility to share your screen or a video. Sharing your picture/camera is not mandatory.
  • If you want to present several projects, please fill out this form several times, once for each project.
  • The name you enter, the title and description of your project, as well as the links, will be public and copied on this wiki page. Your email address remains confidential and will only be used by the production team to send you a unique link to the broadcasting service.
  • The data entered in this form will be only used for the purpose of organizing the hackathon showcase and will be deleted shortly after the event. It is hosted by Wikimedia Germany complying with the GDPR European law (privacy statement) The full data will only be shared with the organizers of the hackathon (including WMF staff and volunteers).

Registration form TBA

Tián-sī-siunn kî-kan tiān-sī ê tsuan-àn

Please don't add anything here, the organizers will enter the data from the form once the proposals have been reviewed and ordered.

Hackathon ê kî-thann tsuan-àn

If you cannot or do not want to present during the showcase, but still want to let others know about your project, feel free to add it in this section. Please copy/paste the following template at the bottom of the list:

Tsuan-àn ê bîng-tshing teh tsia

  • Tsham-ú tsit-ê tsuan-àn jîn-uân ê sènn-miâ hi̍k-tsiá iōng-tsiá miâ
  • Tsûn-àn ê kán-té tsai-iau (siōng-tsē 200 jī)
  • Siong-kuan ê Phabricator sū-bū: Phab:TXXXXXX
  • Liân-kiat kàu ián-sī sì-pîng, lia̍h-tsún ū
  • Kî-thann ê liân-kiat hi̍k-tsiá tsu-guân, lia̍h-tsún ū