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Core Organizing team

The Core Organizing Team for Wikimania 2021 is composed of globally diverse volunteers.

Office hours schedule

Session Submissions Office Hours:
Date Time (UTC) Link to join Notes Etherpad Link
08 June 2021 03:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/uws-oqxa-ihq In English Link
09 June 2021 17:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/wfz-fuxt-dif In Arabic TBA
10 June 2021 18:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/qtf-xkii-zoj In English Link
15 June 2021 12:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/jjs-ibcx-crk In English Link
11 June 2021 12:00 UTC-3 https://meet.google.com/snb-zers-jio?authuser=0 In Spanish TBA

Helpdesk for Submissions

For questions about the submission process, please refer to the 2021:Submissions/Help desk.