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2021:Submissions/Can we rid Wikipedia of its content gender gap? Views from Women in Red

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  • Moderators: Roger Bamkin & Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight
  • Panelists: Several Women in Red members including Antiqueight, Brenda Wahler, Camelia Boban, Ewan McAndrew, HickoryOughtShirt?4, Lucy Moore, Penny Richards, Jess Wade, Carol Ann Whitehead, SusunW


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At Wikimania 2015, Roger Bamkin and Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight, founders of Women in Red (WiR), spoke about Wikipedia’s content gender gap. They also announced a new wikiproject formed by editors of all genders and incorporating the emerging power of Wikidata. Since its establishment, 165K new women’s biographies have been created on En:Wikipedia. WiR communities expanded into 31 additional language Wikipedias, some of whom reached parity through the use of bots. Collaborating with other wikiprojects such as Women Scientists has led to mutual gains. Our membership (800+ editors) grows in part because the WiR talkpage is a harassment-free zone. In this session, the panellists will discuss WiR’s past, present, and future strategies.

Session Outcomes

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An understanding of Wikipedia's "content gender gap": its history, its current state, and ways that you can get involved to improve it going forward.

Outreach includes ...

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links on en:wiki, Facebook, on Pinterest, on Twitter

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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