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2021:Submissions/Co-creating pedagogical strategies with teachers: Wikimedia Chile’s Education program experience during Covid-19 pandemic

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Rocío Aravena is the Education Officer at Wikimedia Chile and she has been in charge of designing and leading online courses for teachers that connect Wikipedia and digital literacy. Rocio is an educator and researcher focusing on the use of online educational resources and digital culture in schools.


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School closures have led to a series of issues for the education communities in Chile: digital gap, work overload, and the lack of training in remote education became daily problems that teachers had to face. In this context, Wikimedia Chile’s Education program asked itself what should be our role during this crisis and how Wikimedia projects could be meaningful for teachers to handle these challenges.

The aim of this lightning talk is to share our 2020-2021 educational strategy based on teachers needs, and how we promoted community empowerment through collaborative training, co-creation of Open Educational Resources, and collective designing of digital strategies based on students and teachers experiences, in order to support them.

Session Outcomes

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1. To Know the Chilean educational context, especially the teacher’s community experiences and challenges.

2. To recognize different strategies developed by the Wikimedia Chile’s Educational program in order to support students and teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. To value how Wikimedia projects can be adapted to different needs. In this case, you will know how we implemented the Open Knowledge and the collaboration philosophy to face the educational crisis in Chile.

I'm planning to attend live!

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