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2021:Submissions/East African regional commitments for the future, a human collaborative reality

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  1. Douglas Ssebaggala
  2. Antoni Mtavangu
  3. Winnie Kabintie


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Over the past two years Wikimedia communities in East Africa have made great strides in getting more involved in the Wikimedia Movement to enable more people get access to more free knowledge. In this celebration, we'll show how two major milestones in 2019 have laid a strong foundation to bring these communities together at both individual, national, and regional levels, to bridge gaps in knowledge, capacity, and overcoming collaboration barriers across communities that are close to each other, geographically. We'll discuss the ways in which these communities have done their little part of the commitments, challenges, and how human collaboration can make this a reality with the help of the Wikimedia Movement.

Session Outcomes

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Attendees should go out of the session with a good understanding of the major, and upcoming Wikimedia communities in the East African region, as well as challenges faced by these communities. They should have an overview of the past and future efforts, and activities to bridge knowledge gaps in underrepresented communities. They should feel empowered to use, support, and give feedback to the East African (human) collaboration.

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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