2021:Submissions/From Encyclopedia to Big Data: Past, present and future of Wikipedia data as a research source

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Speakers[edit | edit source]

Currently an intern with Wikimedia through the Outreachy diversity initiative, Slavina Stefanova works with Sarah R. Rodlund, Senior Technical Writer (WMF), and Isaac Johnson, Research Scientist (WMF), on facilitating access to Wikipedia data for community members and global research teams alike.

Abstract[edit | edit source]

In the era of Big Data and Machine Learning, Wikipedia has become a data gold mine for researchers all over the world. In July 2010 Google Scholar returned 196,000 articles when queried about Wikipedia; today, this number exceeds 2 million.

This talk briefly explores how Wikipedia data has been used in research since its creation in 2001, presents several case studies from the scientific literature of recent years on a surprisingly diverse array of topics, and discusses some of the ways in which the Wikimedia community can facilitate access to its data and support the global research community going forward.

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Highlight the role of Wikipedia as a data resource for research in a wide variety of contexts: language, social trends, knowledge organization, network theory, and more.
  • Raise awareness of the challenges faced by researchers, especially those less technically savvy, when extracting and processing Wikipedia data relevant to their research.
  • Suggest ways in which the community can help make access to Wikipedia data more easy and intuitive for researchers and the general public.

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