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2021:Submissions/Inclusive Product Development: Building With, Not For

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In a grassroots effort, a working group of individuals from the Product and Technology departments at the Wikimedia Foundation have come together over the past year to understand what a more inclusive and equitable product development process would look like. A key tenet of this diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)-centered process is re-centering our efforts around the communities whose needs have been historically underserved, and seeking to engage more directly and equitably with these communities throughout the product development process. That is, to build with, not for.

This program will include an overview of the typical product development process and how it will change as a result of incorporating more inclusive and equitable practices in every phase of work. Following the presentation there will be a panel discussion with participants from all the different functions that comprise a product team. We encourage the audience to submit questions to the panel as well.

Session Outcomes

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Attendees will...

  • learn about (typical) product development process
  • get an introduction to best practices for a DEI-centered product development process
  • understand why such a change is needed in order to realize our Product Platform Strategy
  • understand how this DEI-centered process was developed
  • learn how the Product and Technology departments plan to put this process into practice and what opportunities and challenges they foresee in doing so
  • have an opportunity to ask the panel questions

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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