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2021:Submissions/Indicators for the Wikimedia Projects

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Speakers[edit | edit source]

Slides of the three presentations (PDF | video recording)

Abstract[edit | edit source]

Several ongoing initiatives by the Wikimedia Research community are developing frameworks to broaden our understanding of Wikimedia projects in crucial areas like knowledge gaps, knowledge integrity, and community health. This workshop will be held jointly by the WMF Research team and academic researchers. First, we will present social and technical challenges in defining these metrics, and our preliminary results. We then will spend most of the time on an open discussion with you!

Description[edit | edit source]

The Wikimedia Movement has identified persistent strategic challenges, such as issues related to representation, integrity, and community health. In order to examine and systematically address those issues, different research initiatives are developing quantitative indicators around content and community dynamics. Indicators provide an evidence-based view on the state of the Wikimedia projects. However, there are also a variety of socio-technical challenges arising from data and modelling inequalities, biases, accountability, reductionism, etc.

Wikipedia is the sum of all human knowledge. Indicators should support the needs of all Wikimedians, whether they are editing, leading offline activities, or anything in between. We thus believe that indicators must take into account the diversity and intricacies of the Wikimedia ecosystem. This workshop will foster the exchange of expertise and experiences between editors, volunteers, affiliates, and researchers from the Wikimedia movement.

This workshop has two goals:

  1. Communicate ongoing research on these areas conducted by the WMF and other Wikimedia researchers in this area. We will present main ideas and preliminary results from three research projects:
  2. Incorporate different community perspectives at the current stages of active research projects. We will facilitate an open discussion among Wikimedians to collect a diverse range of impressions on research indicators.

We envision a participatory, inclusive and lively session with engaging discussions. Join the call!

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • You will learn about the research projects of the Wikimedia Research team and the broader Wikimedia Research community and their alignment with how they are connected to Wikimedia’s strategic direction.
  • You will contribute to identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats when defining and applying quantitative indicators for Wikimedia projects.
  • You will better understand how diverse community experiences can effectively guide research in Wikimedia.

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