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Wikimania 2023[edit | edit source]

This is my Wikimania experience, planned and lived. Feel free to add notes if we talked or had an interaction. Bolded sessions are the ones I am part of organizing, sessions in italic are sessions I watched/participated in, all other listed ones I am planning to participate in/watch.

I made two podcasts about Wikimania on Wikipediapodden:

  • leading up to Wikimania (in Swedish):
  • summary of Wikimania (in Swedish):

I set up an expo space for Wikimedians for Sustainable Development where I tried to categorize the talks based on which Sustainable Development Goals they relate to.

I summarized this page in a more consumable format on my own blog: My Wikimania 2023.

Tuesday[edit | edit source]

  • Hackathon
    • Govdirectory: Add the url-check tool to the repository #289
    • Wikifunction for checking if a string is a valid Qidf:Z10696, it was my first real function and I am not a developer but it was great to learn how it works. It was very helpful with the Telegram channel to ask questions. I figured out that my initial idea was to complex and really should be a composite of several functions so the one I did is one of them. Also interesting to run into a couple of (already reported). I missed that tests could not be run without publishing, ie. it was not possible to "develop locally".

Wednesday[edit | edit source]

  • Art+Feminism West African Indigenous Language Program
  • #VisibleWikiWomen Lab: fostering multilingual and decolonizing structured data narratives on Wikimedia Commons
  • WikiWomen open discussion - Language diversity & gender
  • Contributing Women's Voices: The Wikiwomen Taiwan Journey
  • Femme et leadership dans les projets Wikimédia en Afrique: Wiki Wake Up Afrique une opportunité
  • Women and Gender Workshop - Organizing WikiWomen Meetups
  • I am a (Wiki)woman in love
  • Collaborative on-wiki events planning at Women in Red's Virtual Ideas Cafe
  • Wikisource in Uganda
  • Workshop on Manuscript Digitization of Wikisource Loves Manuscripts (showcase)
  • Helping Wikisource recognize handwritten documents - interesting to learn about Transkribus. Might be handy someday.
  • The Future of Wikisource - good session, submitted a wish about doing semantic markup of concepts in source texts. And mentioned my test on s:sv:Användare:Ainali/sandlåda that uses s:sv:Användare:Ainali/sameAs.js
  • Wikimania 2023 Formal Opening Ceremony
  • Wikimedian of the Year 2023. - I love the awards being handed out, but it was much too long and felt a bit scripted
  • Found a bug in Eventyay

Thursday[edit | edit source]

The recording of 63% done - 365 climate edits
The Govdirectory poster
  • AI advancements and the Wikimedia projects - good overview!
  • Improving Content Quality with ORES: A Demonstration of the Objective Revision Evaluation Service Tool
  • 17 years of Cantonese Wikipedia, the Written Cantonese literary movement, and the Wikimedia movement
  • Intensive Wikidata usage in Wikivoyage - problems, experiences, wishes - great talk and they have some inspiring templates/gadgets that should be copied. The most immediate one is the gadget that compares a value in an infobox with the value in Wikidata to make it easy to understand if Wikidata or the infobox needs updating or if the infobox just should use the value from Wikidata.
  • Decolonizing knowledge — a perspective from the Ukrainian community - very interesting, much food for thought
  • Mastering the Secrets of the Wikimedia Research and Development Ecosystem in Africa
  • Relaunch of Healthcare Translation - glad that this is back in full swing, an awesome initiative
  • Further gamification of photo contests – the example of bike quests in Moldova
  • 63% done - 365 climate edits - went well, not many questions in the chat
  • Bridging the gap - interesting to hear the perspective from WMF. Not sure that it will bridge the gap, though. Was it unfortunate with a one-sided panel?
  • IP Masking: Big Change to Protect Editor Privacy - good to hear about this progress, seems to be on the right track
  • Wikiproject Govdirectory - poster session, I have not got any direct feedback from this
  • Made a feature request for Eventyay
  • ChatGPT vs. WikiGPT: Challenges and Opportunities in harnessing generative AI for Wikimedia Projects
  • State of machine learning on the Wikimedia projects
  • OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia: Awesome Together!

Friday[edit | edit source]

  • Better Sharing in a World with AI: Creative Commons Looks Ahead
  • A missing piece of the puzzle – Hands-on support for content partnerships through the Helpdesk at the Content Partnerships Hub - good intro
  • Why tackling climate change needs open science and culture - nice advocacy, but didn't help me much in practice
  • The invisible tax of free knowledge: Evidence from the Wikimedia projects - strong academic economic theory, but very niche. Unfortunately, the stream broke after 20 minutes.
  • Sharing insights from the UK's first residency for Climate - very inspiring talk, will follow up with the speaker later about reproducibility
  • The Volunteer Archivists — Screening and Discussion
  • Psst, Wikimedia has a sound logo - new usage guidelines. A bit sad that I am missing out on the nice hat that was handed out, specifically after have made two audio submissions.
  • State of Wikimedia Research 2022-2023 - always interesting. I wonder though if it could be more compact? Since they identify the themes, the deep dive into a few papers feels like it doesn't add so much value, but rather I would like to hear more about the general theme.
  • Local Wikipedia Groups - history, context and place
  • Add your country to the Wikidata Govdirectory - a bit unfortunate with the back-to-back remote sessions when they were in the same room. A bit chaotic. Was made more so by people in the room grabbing the mic talking over us as speakers. Also sad that both presenters was not put on-screen at the same time which made it awkward to talk when the other was.
  • Rethinking diversity and inclusion : A Ugandan experience
  • Creando comunidades desde y para el sur global: el caso de Wikimedia Colombia
  • Lightning Talk Showcase on Equity, Community Health and Education
  • * Presentación del Libro WikiEducación. Prácticas y experiencias educativas en México con Wikipedia y otros recursos abiertos
  • La producción colaborativa de territorio digital y cultural en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia, a través del uso de Wikipedia.
  • How to expand the Education Program Partnership in your local community
  • Lightning Talk Showcase on Technology, Advocacies, and ESEAP (East, South East Asia, and the Pacific) Region
  • A Survey of Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines
  • Contests 101: Wikimedia Indonesia experiences organizing unique competitions
  • Cross-Lingual Collaboration: Breaking Language Barriers for Global Knowledge Sharing
  • Exploring the feasibility of Wikimedia Projects in addressing the triple planetary crisis - Perespective from the Global South
  • Sign Languages of the world : increase mutual understanding with Lingualibre SignIt. - similar to the sign language project WMSE tried to get started in 2014, but seems to have better traction, nice!
  • Age-Verification on Wikimedia Projects - tricky topic for the future
  • Lightning Talk Showcase on Linked Open Data, Research, Science and Medicine
  • PopulationFromWikidata module for place articles - do we have an Australian place infobox on svwiki that could use this?
  • Wikimedians as information intermediaries for COVID-19 - perhaps contact about research on climate change
  • Taboo Articles
  • Another year for Partnering Up for Wikidata! Collaborations for Wikidata Software Development
  • Wikidata Software Collaboration project, first year retrospective from Wikimedia Indonesia
  • Lightning Talk Showcase on Linked Open Data, and Wild Ideas
  • The knowledge is there and then ?!
  • Embracing Open Knowledge: Preserving Diversity and Access for Future Generations (Ms. Maki Katsuno-Hayashikawa, UNESCO Representative to Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Timor Leste)
  • Wiki Loves Local Laws too - more about digitizing than enriching on Wikidata. I see no immediate ways of connecting this with d:Wikidata:WikiProject Sweden/Swedish Riksdag documents
  • A tree where roots meet: Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group
  • Motivating volunteers and retaining newcomers – case study of Wikimedia Ukraine’s “wiki condensed milk” program - very cute, this should definitely be copied, but perhaps with another reward
  • The whole GLAM package: a workflow for turning the richness of GLAM knowledge and collections into great wiki contributions
  • Growth Hacking and Future-Proofing Your Community - something with this talk had a culture clash with me. Perhaps someone with a more startup mindset will find this inspirational.

Saturday[edit | edit source]

  • Duplicating Everywhere All at Once - very interesting to hear about some of the cleanup - there might be something to use there for Swedish Wikipedia to remove any remaining duplicates
  • OpenClimate: Massive Collaboration To Track Greenhouse Gas Emissions - applaudable initiative, we need to identify what and how of this data can be imported to Wikidata
  • #semanticClimate: Making climate knowledge accessible using Wikidata - nice way of reusing Wikidata to enrich a text document. Could similar methods be used for Wikisource? It would be cool if they were using Wikidata similar to commons to make their texts queryable
  • Wiki Loves Earth International — 10 years of experience
  • Wiki Loves in Numbers - good arguments to keep on doing these campaigns, I am getting inspired for a WLE NL 2024
  • Ideas for Wiki Loves Monuments: local contests, partnerships and usability
  • Wiki Loves Monuments organizers Q&A
  • Reusing Open Data from various sources to assess gender inequality: from street and school eponyms, to researchers and research.
  • Integrating Our World in Data into Mediawiki - important and promising work, I wonder if lexemes or Wikidata are mature enough to use for translations since these are not complete sentences
  • Data Partnerships and the Future of Linked Open Data
  • Livestreaming editing
  • Wikimania 2023 Closing Plenary and Handover to the 19th edition of Wikimania
  • Collaboration is the Key to Unlocking Innovation – A Cross-Affiliate Collaboration to Build an Innovation Format for the Movement
  • Wikimania Hackathon 2023 Showcase and Closing - Many cool tools! The uptime tool for tools is a fun meta twist. There was also a Wikisource annotator tool that might be useful with my tests above.

To watch later[edit | edit source]

From Thursday[edit | edit source]

  • WikiLearn: a learning and training space for the Wikimedia movement - very nice to hear that it supports the OpenBadges standard. We should get Wikimedians for Sustainable Development on as a trusted organization and create a course for how to organize a climate change related editathon. Another idea would be to pick some good learning patterns on meta and transform them to courses.
  • WikiCite and Scholia for medicine and beyond - excellent introduction to Scholia
  • Big ideas are small ideas
  • Lessons from the Organizer Lab? How should we train the next generation of campaign organizers in the Wikimedia Movement
  • Giving Contexts to Places We Love - The Power of OpenStreetMap and Wikidata
  • Wikifunctions is here
  • Let us upgrade medical practice with Wikidata
  • Teaching with Wikidata: A Resource for Educators and Students
  • Secrets of effective editing workshops
  • Empowering Participation: A User-Centered Approach to Low-Stakes Edit-a-thons
  • Fireside Chat with Wikimedia Foundation Executives

From Friday[edit | edit source]

  • It's on Meta, but discoverable – organizational knowledge in a structured form - perhaps the most promising talk about movement tools! Every affiliate should check out the video and
  • * Sister projects: the past, present and glorious future - workshop, not much to see
  • Social and Language Influence in Wikipedia Articles for Deletion Debates
  • Modelling, mapping and bridging knowledge gaps in gender and diversity
  • Scaling Wikidata Query Service - unlimited access to all the world’s knowledge for everyone is hard
  • Wikispecies and Wikidata: Where next?
  • What I've learned from my 5-years PhD journey: Exploring Wikidata as a learning platform

From Saturday[edit | edit source]

  • 10 Research Findings and How You Can Use Them in Your Work - some cool tools, especially toolforge:list-building
  • Biodiversity in underrepresented languages using crowdsourcing
  • The Impact of Wikidata-powered Infoboxes on Minority and Low-resourced Language Wikipedias in Africa - unfortunately the sound quality was poor
  • WikiSihat and WHO
  • What we can learn from large commercial users - there is still something that chafes me with the Enterprise initiative. Not only the project itself, but also how it is presented in general, which also comes shines in the tone in thi presentation.
  • Lift Wing: WMF's machine learning model serving infrastructure - saw the first part, but seemed a bit too technical for me
  • Wiki Loves SDC - making cultural heritage photos more accessible together - good introduction to Structured Data on Commons and many tools related to it
  • Structured Data Across Wikimedia: Successes and Learnings pleasantly surprised by the section topics solution. That seems like a good and scalable way of extracting the value already in the articles. If this turns out to work as well as it looks now, it might be an argument for projects to rethink their policies of only linking a concept the first time it appear to possible something like "only the first time it appears and the first time it appears in each section it is a main topic".
  • The participation at future Wikimania
  • The Future of the Wishlist Survey
  • Edit-a-thons in higher education: implementation, competence and skill development opportunities
  • How do I create a community to support small Wikipedias?
  • Television in Wikipedia - Internationalization of Wiki Loves Broadcast
  • Wiki Loves Campaigns: When, Why and How?
  • How to use a thematic campaign to boost your affiliate's reach: the case of Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa

Me and the Wikithing[edit | edit source]

For information in Swedish, see Ainali.

I missed the start, don't ask me how, but when I finally became aware of Wikipedia I joined instantly, 2006/01/21 13:45:30. I really love the idea with free knowledge for everyone. I am sysop on Swedish Wikipedia: w:sv:Användare:Ainali.

I am also active on Wikimedia Commons as I have been interested in photography for a long time, see contributions here, and lately on Wikidata as well.

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About me[edit | edit source]

I am born in the seventies in Sweden and currently live in Amsterdam. I am a member of Wikimedia Sverige (where I formerly both have served in the board and been an employee), Wikimedia Nederlands and Wikimedia Belgium and I hold a bachelor's degree in Innovation and design engineering. I used to run a company called Open by default, but now I work at the Foundation for Public Code.

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Contact me through email:


or through my talkpage at Swedish Wikipedia

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