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2021:Submissions/Knowledge Equity – A Collection of Voices to Pave the Path

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Speakers[edit | edit source]

Lilli Iliev (WMDE)

Anna Mazgal (WMDE)

Nicola Zeuner (WMDE)

Allison Davenport (WMF)

Abstract[edit | edit source]

The 2030 strategic direction focuses on knowledge equity and knowledge as a service. With this strong value-based direction, we as a movement will have to widen our perspective to make room for very different needs and new forms of knowledge. A group of seven Wikimedian women is currently writing essay pieces on various aspects of the spectrum of knowledge equity that will then form an online publication. The goal: We want to make existing approaches to knowledge equity visible and discussable.

We want to add to the debate in a way that is missing - our community of people working on and with policy does not produce enough knowledge while we advocate for doing so. We need to change that, and bring capacities that are not restricted by reacting to what is happening. We need to start showcasing a more proactive thinking coming from people at this particular frontline of curating free knowledge. This is what this project is about.

In the first part of the session, we will give you an insight on the publication project and it's topics. In the second part, we would like to hear from your ongoing or planned projects around knowledge equity and discuss with you how to tackle this broad field in the future.

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

You will:

- Learn about the specific publication project with essay pieces on different aspects of knowledge equity.

- Have the chance to talk about your project around knowledge equity and exchange your ideas with the participants.

- Grow your network, find inspiration and people to connect with in the context of knowledge equity.

I'm planning to attend this session live![edit | edit source]

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