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2021:Submissions/Mapping the present and future of the Wiki philosophy: challenges and opportunities

From Wikimania

Speaker: Abraham Samma, MD (come say hi)

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Wikipedia remains the most successful manifestation of wikis to date. Its influence is undeniable, ranking 13th in the top 15 websites online by Alexa Internet, surpassing even the likes of Instagram and Netflix. It draws in more than 1.7 billion unique visits per month who come to view its extensive spread of articles written in 321 languages. Almost every web search yields a card with information from Wikipedia. However, its success has lead to a form of functional fixedness; There is more to wiki than just Wikipedia. The concept of wikis still offers many innovative possibilities, and there are many out there who are continuing to explore the frontiers of the 'Wiki philosophy'. Here, we give a brief overview of what lies ahead for wikis.


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1. Listeners will be introduced to the fundamentals of wiki as a concept and philosophy

2. Listeners will learn about implementations of wikis beyond MediaWiki

3. Listeners will be invited to participate in furthering wiki as a movement, helping to increase excitement for and engagement with Wikipedia and other wiki projects inside Wikimedia and beyond

Presentation and notes hosted at https://abesamma.github.io/wikimania2021