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2021:Submissions/One Thousand and One WikiProjects (Perspectives)

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Mohammed Bachounda (talk), Wikimedian since 2005, Cofounder of WikiDZ and AWUG


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According to a UNESCO estimate: 6000 languages in the world. 50% threatened with extinction. If nothing is done, 90% of the languages could disappear by the end of this century The disappearance of these languages = loss of a great quantity of knowledge. I explain in this presentation the projects that the Wikimedia foundation supports and their number and history and what is being done to develop these projects.

The principle is simple but it's time to use the new technologies to go faster than man. because man has sometimes to procrastinate the machine not.

so what are the flagship projects of wiki to support the connaissance:

Wikidata + wikipedia abstract in detail.

Session Outcomes

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New and experienced participants will have the opportunity to discover wiki projects through a global vision

The history of each major group of projects and their development timelines They will get a clearer picture of what volunteers are doing to provide knowledge.

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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