2021:Submissions/One country in six pictures

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Speakers[edit | edit source]

Ziko van Dijk, Florence Devouard, Olatunde Isaac, Venus Lui

Abstract[edit | edit source]

A maritime museum, with 19th century fishing buildings. Representative for the modern nation of Iceland?
When you search on Wikimedia Commons for "good pictures", you often receive beautiful images of landscapes or historical monuments. A touristic point of view?
What is a dish "typical" for Germany? In 2021, the most popular dish in German canteens (lunchrooms) was Spaghetti Bolognese.

Imagine that you have written a Wikipedia article about a specific country. It is long enough for, say, six pictures. How do you present a whole country in only six pictures? In this workshop, we will experience this challenge together. What are the criteria for our selection? Should we look out for 'beautiful' pictures? Should we show the 'ugly' sides of the country? Is it important who shot the picture? These and many other questions will be dealt with by our panel members.

Slides[edit | edit source]

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Rethink how you chose pictures for a Wikipedia article.
  • Have a meaningful discussion in your wiki community about images and the representation of countries.

I'm planning to attend this session live![edit | edit source]

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