2021:Submissions/Revisiting the AfroCROWD Juneteenth Wiki Civil Rights Conference of 2020

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Presentation streamed Aug 15, 2021

Speakers[edit | edit source]

Sherry Antoine, ED AfroCROWD.org (host)

Alexandria Lockett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spelman College

Brandon Sullivan, Wiki Caribbean Communications

Linda Fletcher, AfroCROWD Community organizer

Laurie Bridges, Oregon State University

Olushola Olaniyan, Wkimedia Nigeria

Rosie Stevenson Goodnight, Women in Red

Adele Vrana, Whose Knowledge

With words from Anasuya Sengupta, Whose Knowledge?

Pete Forsyth, News On Wiki NOW

Euphemia Uwandu, Wiki Vibrance

Abstract[edit | edit source]

This session revisits the AfroCROWD Juneteenth Wiki Civil Rights Conference of 2020. The agenda features a brief reflection from the moderator, as well as an invitation for participants to do a short free-writing activity that serves two purposes.

1) It is designed to give everyone an opportunity to document their questions/comments for the panelists.

2) It enables us to address any questions that we don't get to during the panel and continue connecting with our audience.

At least 20-25 minutes will be devoted to an interactive Q/A with our panel of guests from the Wikimedia Movement who advocate for knowledge equity and recognize the importance of discussing Wikipedia in the civil rights context. A resource list and panelist contact information will be shared at the end of the event.

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

The session aims to create a contemporary narrative about the relationship between Wikipedia and Civil Rights. Participants and panelists are encouraged to have a substantive conversation about the significance of Wikipedia to our understanding of the Black historical narrative of civil rights. This discussion will include varying perspectives from guest partners from the original conference, whose own Wikipedia experiences might inspire the audiences' engagement with digital activism. Guests are prepared to highlight projects and opportunities, as the discussion unfolds, to further advance the development of notable BIPOC content and editorial participation on Wikipedia.

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