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2021:Submissions/What do you eat intermediary liability with?

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Amalia Toledo, Tech, Law & Policy Fellow


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For a couple of years, the Internet presented the utopia of an almost unregulated information space. Yet, in the mid-1990s, governments looking to change this were torn between the choice of censoring expression or having platforms act under an unpredictable liability framework. That’s when intermediary liability protections emerged, which stated that users should be able to create the content they wanted, and platforms hosting their speech should be able to remove what they didn’t like without fear of being sued. Now that premise, for better and for worse, is being challenged. Join WMF’s policy team for a chat on the past, present and future of intermediary liability rules and our advocacy for laws that enable Wikipedia to grow.

Session Outcomes

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  • Learning about intermediary liability regulatory trends.
  • Understanding why it is a priority for the Foundation’s policy team to work on the issue of intermediary liability and what are they are working on
  • Grasping how an intermediary liability proposal can positively and negatively affect the organization and the community.

I'm planning to attend live!

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