2021:Submissions/Wikimedia Poland: Building a Holistic Support Infrastructure

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Speakers[edit | edit source]

Abstract[edit | edit source]

A holistic support architecture, based on a well thought community support, is vital for making Wikimedia a space in which different groups - editors, educators, GLAMs, researchers - can act toward providing universal access to knowledge. During the session we will:

  • Talk about the experiences (both good and challenging) newcomers from education context have when interacting with Wikimedia community
  • Show how community burnout is affecting those interactions and share strategies for preventing volunteers from burning out
  • Share our experiences with inviting researches and Wikipedia readers to help us with content quality

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • participants will know how to fuel the motivation of wikimedians and prevent volunteer burnout by well-designed recognition projects and engaging campaigns
  • they will understand different challenges occurring when partners from the educational environment enter the Wikimedia projects
  • they will understand more about how writing campings influence Wikipedia content quality

I'm planning to attend this session live![edit | edit source]

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