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Check out the list of participants below and add yourself if you choose! On this list, you can find other participants, discover more about their interests and projects, and contact people if you need help on a specific topic. We recommend using your username to protect your identity. Listing yourself is totally optional.

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|Time zone
Username What do you plan to work on? What are you interested in? Topics/technologies where you can help How others may contact you Languages you speak Time zone
HLepp (WMF) (talk) Not sure yet! Support newcomers, NLP, Python Talk page English, some العربية and español PDT
TBurmeister (WMF) (talk) Taxonomy, documentation Talk page, Telegram English, French, some German EDT
Andre Klapper (talk) Newcomers support, mw:Phabricator, mw:Community metrics, Documentation Talk page en-3, de-2, fr-2, cs-1 UTC+2
Tgr (talk) Matrix (T314271) MediaWiki See user page English, Hungarian, some German PDT
SSapaty (talk) Pywikibot, Toolforge, Python See SSapaty English, Ewe GMT
Joris Darlington Quarshie (talk) PAWS, Machine Learning, Documentation, Newcomers support, Documentation Talk page English, Akan, Twi, Mfantse GMT / UTC
Afimaame(talk) Not sure yet PAWS, Documentation,Python Talk Page English, Akan GMT/UTC
Darcyisverycute (talk) Not sure yet, I've been trying Quarry (quarry:query/66230) and interested in reFill+Citoid I'm a newcomer Wikipedia talk page English AEST (UTC+10)
MSeckington (WMF) (talk) Tech events, facilitation, community building Presentation & workshop design, facilitation, UX & design. Happy to listen to any practice runs of demos before the showcase! Talk page, Telegram English, Dutch UTC+1
BDavis (WMF) (talk) Extension:Toolhub (T272652) Toolhub, Toolforge, Cloud VPS, Python Talk page on meta, bd808 on libera.chat IRC and Telegram English UTC-6
Feliciss (talk) I'm a newcomer Talk page Mandarin, English, Japanese UTC+7
Sam Wilson Discourse extension; ToolDocs Symfony; MediaWiki extensions; Lua modules. Matrix as @samwilson:matrix.org or fediverse as @samwilson@ausglam.space English UTC+8
Dreamy Jazz (talk) CheckUser extension; pywikibot Pywikibot; Mediawiki extensions IRC (Dreamy_Jazz) or talk page English UTC+1
LennardHofmann (talk) I'm a newcomer seeking mentoring for phab:T253387 or something else Lua, Wikidata, Python Talk page, "Lennard Hofmann" on Zulip English, German UTC+2
Raisha (WMID) (talk) Lexicographical data on Wikidata, Pywikibot, data quality on Wikidata Supporting newcomers for Wikidata Talk page Indonesian, English, Turkish UTC+7
Adengbono Rebecca (talk) UX/UI, Wikimedia in Education, Tech events, coding, social events or discussions I am kinda new to the tech community Talk page English, frafra, Twi GMT
Labar Dominique (talk) special interest for Wikimedia REST API and endpoint - development I am kinda new to the tech community Talk page English, French, Dutch GMT+1
TheDJ (talk) Video player. Won't be present on saturday. video, accessibility, scripts, templates Talk page, djhartman on telegram, dj_hartman on Twitter Dutch, English CEST
AndrewTavis Scribe-iOS and Scribe-Android Wikidata, Lexicographical data, mobile apps Talk page and the email on it English, German CEST
RealRings (talk) Something related to the Wikipedia API Python, JavaScript, web app development Talk page, email: rishavmitra10@gmail.com, Twitter: rishavmitra15 English, Bengali, Hindi UTC+5:30
Marios Magioladitis (talk) Hackathons, AWB Python, C# Talk page, email: magioladitis@gmail.com, Twitter: rishavmitra15 English, German, Greek CEST
Bello Na'im (talk) Hackathons media wiki talk page or naeembello@gmail.com Hausa GMT+1
Andre Engels Pywikibot, preferably in adding data to Wikidata Python talk page or andreengels@gmail.com English, Dutch, German UTC+2
DCaro (WMF)(talk) Will try to help around Python,Golang,Cloud Services (Cloud VPS, toolforge, PAWS, quarry, ...), infrastructure/operations IRC, email dcaro at wikimedia dot org, Talk Page English, Spanish, Catalan, a bit of French UTC+2
Другий хрущ (talk) I'm a newcomer I am interested in making this article good, high-quality, [1] Discord Другий Хрущ English, Ukraine, Russian, Spanish-poco UTC+2
User:511KeV Not sure yet JS, talk page Kashmiri, English UTC +5:30
Talk2Faves Try to fix some newcomer issues on Phabricator PAWS, Documentation, Quarry (A new comer but I will lay my hands on these part) talk page or talk2engineerdavid@gmail.com English, Yoruba GMT+1
Eleni.Christopoulou Hackathons Python, SPARQL Talk page, email: hristope@ionio.gr English, Greek, French CEST
Dimitrios.Ringas Hackathons Python, Jupyter Talk page, email: riggas@ionio.gr English, Greek CEST
Francesco Negri Wikidata games (T165167) JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Cloud Services Talk page, Telegram (dhinus), IRC (dhinus) English, Italian CEST
Yug (talk) meta:LinguaLibre Vocabulary of oral languages, diversity, marginalized languages, Sign Languages, elearning.
Javascript, Python, PHP.
meta:User talk:Yug, meta:Talk:LinguaLibre. English, French. Paris
Gopa Vasanth (talk) VideoCutTool Improvising the VideoCutTool. Gopa Vasanth (talk). English UTC +5:30