2022:Submissions/Podcasting about Wikimedia in your language

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Pre-recorded

Speaker(s)[edit source]


Abstract[edit source]

In this lightning talk I will make a case for podcasting about Wikimedia and that it does not need to be in English.
I'll cover why podcasting in general is a good complementary way of sharing knowledge, and why we should have more local language podcasts.
The session give some practical tips, both technical and non-technical, about planning, recording and producing your podcasts.
Finally, it will also give you plenty of tips for content and inspiration, along with a brief survey of the existing podcast landscape.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

1. An understanding on why podcasting in local languages are important for knowledge sharing
2. An insight to how to get started
3. Hopefully inspiration to both create and consume Wikimedia related podcasts

Biography[edit source]

Wikimedian since 2006, administrator on Swedish Wikipedia.
Former Executive Director for Wikimedia Sverige and currently mostly active in Wikimedians for Sustainable Development.
I have released around 150 podcast episodes for Wikipediapodden in Swedish over the last three years (but occasionally I also do episodes in English). I also do weekly streams of editing Wikidata.