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2023:Ruangan Pameran

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This page is a translated version of the page 2023:Expo space and the translation is 3% complete.

In Suntec, there will be three Expo Spaces. The first is in the Main Hall (Level 4), the second is on the Concourse (Level 3), and the third will be within virtual space. There will be activities in each area, including posters. There will be cards available to ask questions or leaves notes about the poster

Main Hall Expo Space (Level 4)

  • Audience: Expo Space in the Main Hall is an area open only to conference attendees.
  • Structure: Spokes fence style will contain community posters.
  • Open: Wednesday, 16 August, until Saturday, 19 August. only when the Plenary room is open
  • Activities:
    • There will be a scattering of small tables where volunteers can offer one on one help on specific projects.
    • Posters on display: Posters in this area are suitable for conference attendees and are designed specifically for community members.
    • Thursday night, 17 August, there will be a special Poster Session that will also include a fireside chat with Wikimedia Foundation staff on the main stage.

Concourse Expo Space (Level 3)

  • Audience: The Concourse is a large area open to the public with various sections for Wikimania activities.
  • Structure: One of the sections in the Concourse is a dedicated Expo Space with sponsor booths and a special Post Office.
  • Open: Tuesday 15 August until 19 August from 9am until close
  • Activities:
    • Post Office: At the special Post Office, you can buy Wikimania 2023 stamps issued by the Singapore Post. You'll be able to mail postcards to Community members, family, and friends.
    • Singapore Wiki Loves Living Heritage: The Singapore Wiki Loves Living Heritage (WLLH) will have its final judging take place during Wikimania. We will be printing the ten best photos judged by the WLLH jury, which will be displayed on the Concourse. We ask you to vote for the best image. Judging will close after the lunch break on the Saturday with the top three announced during Wikimania's closing ceremony.
    • Posters on display: Posters in this area are suitable for a wider audience. It is an ideal space for global projects that want to attract new contributors. It is well-suited for posters associated with external activities (Eduwiki, Wikiwomen, Wiki Loves, etc.), as well as those looking to attract new contributors to the movement. If you want to create a project-specific poster (Commons, Wikidata, Wikipedia, Wikisource) poster in any language, then please submit them to Commons.
    • Thursday night, 17 August, the Concourse Expo Space will also be part of the Poster Session and Connectathon.

Virtual Expo Space

  • Audience: Online attendees
  • Structure: Virtual posters can have imbedded video, audio, or animated GIF's
  • Open: When Eventyay is active, or view on Commons at anytime
  • Activities:

Poster FAQs

All posters need to meet the following criteria;

  • A1 in size,
  • All images are freely licensed with the author credited. Remember, we set the standards we expect on reusing our content.
  • Limit the text used, use QR codes to link to more detailed information, reports, instructions or presentation videos.
  • You can remove your poster(or ask a friend) from the 3rd or 4th Levels of Suntec after the last break on Saturday afternoon, 19 August. All posters not collected will be recycled.
  • Deadline: We ask that all posters are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons before AoE 30 July 2023. This allows time for printing.