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2023:Muslim kî-tó sik

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This page is a translated version of the page 2023:Muslim prayer room and the translation is 50% complete.

Room 325
Room 326

Look at program page to see the free time in room 325 and 326 which will be cleared for prayer for one for males and another for females. The room will be free between 1:00 - 1:15 PM and 4:30 - 4:45 PM to allow for Muslim prayers. There will be timetable for prayer time printed in the room and the qibla direction will be determined in the floor. There will be rug for prayer as well. Please note that Fajr /Subuh prayer will be prayed in individuals hotel rooms.

It is totally acceptable that the salah, specifically the fardh rakats of Zuhr, Asr, and Isha are reduced from four rakats to two rakats. And also you can combine the prayers. Specificially, Zuhr and Asr can be combined and Maghrib and Isha can be combined. There are two options when combining the prayers, you can either advance Asr and pray at the time of Zuhr or pray Zuhr delayed at the time of Asr. You can combine and reduce those prayers at the same time, i.e to pray 2 rakats of zuhr and 2 rakats of asr at Zuhr time or delayed at Asr time and to pray Maghrib 3 rakats and Isha 2 rakats at either Maghrib time or delayed at Isha time.

Guā-pōo liân-kiat