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16–19 August 2023, Singapore and Online
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Wikimania2023 Illustration Flower 22
Wikimania2023 Illustration Flower 22

This page is a compilation of all resources available to speakers for their Wikimania 2023 session. This page will continue to grow with additional resources.

Speaker platform and program[edit | edit source]

The speaker platform for Wikimania 2023 is pretalx. Speakers applied to be part of the program through the speaker manager platform, pretalx. All speaker communications are sent through pretalx. The pretalx program is used to populate the program on the Wikimania Wiki and on the Wikimania 2023 virtual event platform, eventyay. Speakers who want to update their session information (title, description, abstract, speakers, etc) should do so directly on pretalx by logging in to their account. These changes will be reflected on this Wiki and on eventyay. Most speaker emails link speakers directly to their session pages to facilitate access.

Room setup[edit | edit source]

Speakers can review their assigned room on the program on the Wikimania Wiki, and can view the technical and physical configurations of their room at the Venue page. In-person speakers will be provided with a clicker for moving their slides. Virtual presenters have the option of a virtual clicker too if preferred.

Orientation videos and documents[edit | edit source]

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Wikimania2023 Illustration Flower 14

The team is providing several trainings and orientations that will be useful to speakers:

Slide deck template and other designs[edit | edit source]

Speakers can find the presentation slide deck, as well as other illustrations, gifs, sounds and designs, on the Designs page of this wiki.

The Wikimedia sound logo is available to use within audio and video content for and about Wikimania 2023. For downloads and guidance on how to use it visit the Wikimedia brand portal.

Turning in your slides[edit | edit source]

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Wikimania2023 Illustration Flower 29

Slides can be uploaded on pretalx in the Resources section by clicking "Add another resource." Slides are due 12 August end of day, anywhere on earth.

If you insert a link to Google Slides rather than uploading a document, you can continue to edit your presentation until the day before your session, but please do insert the link by 12 August.

For speakers that want to pre-record their session[edit | edit source]

Recordings were due on 7 August. Submission for pre-recorded sessions are now closed. Any pre-recorded sessions where videos were not received are now converted to live sessions.

Speaker telegram group[edit | edit source]

All speakers have received an invitation to join the telegram group dedicated to speakers. Please check your email for that link.

Inbox receiving questions from speakers[edit | edit source]

If you have any general questions and would like to reach out to the speaker manager team, please email wikimania-program2023@wikimedia.org.