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2023:The participation at future Wikimania

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Wikimania is the world-gathering of the Wikimedia movement. This discussion will last 1 hour and it will focus on the value of Wikimania, and the way we can improve its relevance and participation (10 minutes introduction, 20 minutes discussion, 20 minutes discussion, 10 minutes further issues).

The relevance

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Wikimania is a large-scale event which has a significant economic and environmental cost. It is important that the event has the greatest impact and truly serve the movement in the most efficient way.

The questions: What is important? What do you think are the most relevant elements of Wikimania? How can the event have the greatest impact? What makes it unique compared to other Wikimedia events and why do we need to keep it an annual meeting?

The participation

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Wikimania has around 800 participants (with few largest events in London, Esino Lario and Washington DC). The main language for conferences and discussions is English (with some conferences and meetings in other languages and few preparatory events in local languages). Most participants can attend the event thanks to scholarships provided by the Wikimedia Foundation, other affiliates and some universities or institutions. The criteria for scholarships - which at largest have been benefitting around 600 people - are central to determine participation.

The questions: Who do you think should attend Wikimania? Who can take and give the most to Wikimania? Is edit-count a criteria? Is diversity a criteria? How can we include new contributors and where should they come from?


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10.00 Introduction and questions
10.10-10.30 Discussion about relevance
10.30-10.50 Discussion about participation and scholarships
10.50 Other issues and conclusions