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Wikimania 2021[edit | edit source]

This is my Wikimania experience, planned and lived. Feel free to add notes if we talked or had an interaction. Bolded sessions are the ones I am part of organizing, all other listed ones I am planning to participate in.

If nothing else is going on, I'm probably hanging out in the Wikimedians for Sustainable Development part of the Community Village.

I wrote just a little bit more on my contributions on my blog.

Friday August 13[edit | edit source]

  • Hackathon!
  • 18.00 Getting started on Govdirectory
    • The session went well with 42 people in the Jitsi room. Many good questions, but mostly related to the data rather than the code for the website.
  • 19.00 Govdirectory user research
    • Made two really lovely interviews that gave me many insights well beyond my own behavior.

Saturday August 14[edit | edit source]

Watched Creating a tool that lets people listen to Wikipedia later. A good summary of the very important Wikispeech but still a bit unclear why WMF is not prioritizing this higher, it has been known this is about to come for many years, it should have been be possible to plan for.

Sunday August 14[edit | edit source]

As a warm-up, watched An overview of the COVID-19-related content of Wikimedia projects from yesterday. A great summary of this huge collaborative effort.

Monday August 16[edit | edit source]

As a warm-up, watched Wikimedia Poland: Building a Holistic Support Infrastructure.

Tuesday August 17[edit | edit source]

To watch later[edit | edit source]

  • Editing the Wiki Way: software and the future of editing  Done Interesting to hear about some experiments that might help users, and perhaps especially newcomers, edit and a smoother and sometimes more efficient way.
  • Sharing decolonization strategies throughout Wikimedia projects  Done
  • Domain Specific Content Generation using Human Bot Collaboration  Done Thoughtful and interesting approach to bot collaboration that seems promising. It takes a lot of work, but getting 100,000 articles in 8 weeks is an impressive feat. It's also important to bring the learnings from these projects, if applicable, into the upcoming Abstract Wikipedia.
  • Hackathon Showcase  Done I really like the wikigender userscript and have started using it globally.
  • A Grand Tour of Europe  Done Since I was part of starting to brainstorm on this project many years back, I am really happy that it is now happening and that the project is looking really well thought through.
  • Integrating Wikidata into the Wikimedia projects  Done
  • Wikimedia Community in Nigeria  Done When hearing that there were only 2000 biographies about Nigerian women in 2019 despite a population of 100 million, I was thinking what a reasonable amount would be on Swedish Wikipedia. A number that might be comparable is how many biographies there are about Swedish women that only exist on Swedish Wikipedia still. That would be a number of notable women that are not yet world renowned, which could be used as an indicator of how many people that could be notable in any country. That sparked me to create this query: It shows that there are 8,767 articles about Swedish women, only known on Swedish Wikipedia. If my hypothesis is correct, there could be ~160,000 biographies about Nigerian women. This is of course a lower bound since Swedish Wikipedia (like all language version) are not done yet. It's also only a rough indicator since national differences of course exists.
  • Engaging with partners in the movement! WMF's approach  Done Fast paced presentation with a good overview. It was also nice with a good overview of the team. Unfortunately, the submission page is shamefully empty.
  • Wikimedia Movement and the Paradox of Open  Done a very interesting conversation, and some parts also ties in with my lightning talk on what is important in what our open content
  • Wikipedia is Gamified: Prove me wrong  Done Excellent and well-prepared lightning talk with beautiful slides. I have been thinking about this and, like Daniel, I find it hard to leverage the knowledge without increasing the risk of bad behavior.
  • Neat and tidy: data quality on Wikidata  Done