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Mehrdad Pourzaki

My name is Mehrdad, سلام دوستان. I'm the information and knowledge manager for Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy. Along with my colleagues in the core team, I feel privileged to be serving the diverse Wikimedians comprising the Movement Strategy working groups. We support them in their tireless efforts to develop recommendations that will shape the future of our movement, through structural changes that address topics as important and intertwined as advocacy, capacity, community health, partnerships, resources, technology, and governance. Come learn about us and our work in the Strategy Space, engage with working groups under your favourite thematic areas, or just hang out and chill. You can reach out to me via this talk page or by email (

I'm not new to community settings or global volunteer movements, but Stockholm will be my first Wikimania, and I'm just so excited.

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