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The Universal Code of Conduct team will host the roundtable session during Wikimania at Building 5 on Monday, August 16 from 11:00 to 11:45 (UTC)

Session Outcomes

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  • Better understanding on how the draft guidelines of UCoC enforcement were reached and better understanding of how the implementation will look like.
  • An opportunity to discuss their thoughts and concerns with stakeholders of different roles from the UCoC team, the Drafting Committee, the Board of Trustees, and Foundation Staff.
  • They will gain better understanding and knowledge about UCoC that they can take back to their groups and communities; participants will be able to start and participate in internal discussions with better knowledge of the project.

Panels will be present

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You can submit the questions regarding Universal Code of Conduct and enforcement draft guideline created by drafting committee. The Questions will be on review and select by the organizing team and will be asked during second half of the session.

Since there are only limited time(45 minutes) of the session, not all questions can be discussed during the session, the questions could be merged with another questions or not covered during session. If your question is not covered during session, facilitation team will answer them after session.

Please add your questions below

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